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Grilled Fennel Sausage Pizza


There are a lot of appropriate terms that you could use to describe the fennel sausage and panna pizza from Pizzeria Mozza, but the one I'd use is transformative. It completely redefined my perception of what a pizza could taste like, using a heavy cream base instead of a traditional red sauce, generously covered with rich pork sausage and dusted with fennel pollen. It's the pollen that really brings the entire dish together, adding robust floral flavor that you normally don't associate with pizza. I've owned the Mozza cookbook for years and after passing over their recipe countless time, I decided to give this classic a try. I opted for the grill, instead of the oven and while the results were good, it's not a substitute for the real thing. I made two versions, one with a crust that is slightly grilled before the toppings are added and another tossed on the grill uncooked, with all the ingredients on top. Both worked out, but the par-grilled version was firmer, with a little more bite, which I prefer.






Products in this post may contain affiliate links