Fresh Squeezed - Cupcakes & Cashmere

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Fresh Squeezed


In L.A., things come into style just about as quickly as they're deemed unhip. This applies to clubs, fashion, celebrities and even restaurants. While some popular eateries are ridiculously expensive with little rationale (hello, The Ivy), every once in a while, there comes along an idea for a restaurant that is simply brilliant. So is the case with Lemonade, a minuscule cafe that recently opened up near my office. The wallpaper alone, that covers the outside of the place, is so intriguing that it nearly caused me to rear-end the car in front of me when I first drove by several weeks back. The cafeteria-esque setting, that showcases 15 different salad varieties allows for a versatile and healthy dining experience. Not to mention four types of lemonade and perfectly packaged goodies like red velvet cupcakes and miniature meringues.


Products in this post may contain affiliate links