Eat Like Her


Besides my horrendous sweet tooth (nearly my whole dad's side of the family has diabetes), I'm a relatively healthy eater. I try not to eat too many desserts during the week, only occasionally having an accidental cupcake here and there. But, like most women, the concepts of food and body image are on my mind a lot, which is why I was so intrigued by the blog on Self Magazine's website called Eat Like Me. It's written by nutritionist, Cristin Dillon, who logs everything that she eats and drinks throughout the day. Though it may sound a bit mundane, the writing is excellent and accompanied by pictures, she eloquently explains her thought process behind each meal or snack. Though I'm far off from having as balanced of a diet as Cristin, for the meantime, her blog offers an insightful glimpse of a healthy lifestyle that I can try to emulate at least several times a week.