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Decadent Hot Chocolate


I didn't grow up in a place where school was ever cancelled due to snow, but things were occasionally postponed due to wet weather, like soccer practices or track meets. And on those days, after I'd found a pay phone to call my mom to come pick me up (ah the joys of life before cell phones), she'd take my friends and me home to enjoy the afternoon indoors. She'd always make a batch of homemade hot chocolate, which we'd voraciously drink up, with our wet clothes hanging/drying by the door. Whenever the weather turns or I have no intention of leaving the house on a dreary day, I whip up a batch on my own. This hot chocolate from Kemp Minifie is decadent and rich, and when accented with homemade toasted marshmallows, brings me right back to the rainy days of my childhood. 





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Products in this post may contain affiliate links