Cranberry-Rosemary Holiday Punch

A festive white wine cocktail to serve for a crowd.
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It’s almost Christmas and I cannot even wait! My whole family is getting together this year (something that doesn’t happen very frequently, as we all live in different states) and we’re posting up for the holidays. I’ll be cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis because there’s nothing I love more than cooking for the fam! They get to eat all my food so infrequently, so it’s ON when we’re all together. I also make them taste-test all the recipes I’m working on, so you can bet everyone is well fed. Since I’ll be slaving away over the food, I like to keep cocktails on the easy side! This Cranberry Rosemary Holiday Punch can be put together in under 5 minutes, then it just needs a bit of time in the fridge before it’s time to enjoy! Happy holidays, guys! See you in 2017! xoxo - Gaby

Cranberry-Rosemary Holiday Punch


1 cup fresh cranberries, plus some for garnish
1 red apple, thinly sliced
1 green apple, thinly sliced, plus some for garnish
Fresh rosemary, torn into smaller pieces, plus some for garnish
1 cup apple juice
1 cup sparkling water
3 ounces brandy
1 bottle dry white wine

Combine everything into a large pitcher and stir to combine! Refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving. Serve over ice and garnish with cranberries, apple, and rosemary as desired.