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Clover Cookies


My fiancé jokes that every holiday is "my favorite" since I get overly giddy about each approaching one. I can say with certainty though, that Saint Patrick's Day has never really done it for me. Sure, I try to wear green to avoid getting pinched, but the thrill of tinted beer and rowdy bars holds little appeal. That was, until I discovered how fun it was to make holiday-themed treats. The best part about these

sugar cookies

? The more you eat, the luckier you are. Pinky swear. P.S. Do not try to buy pre-made sugar cookie dough to save time. I would show you photographic evidence, but it's far too grotesque to share. Just trust me. P.P.S.

Royal icing

is a toughie. The results (after three tries) were perfect; especially when topped with homemade sanding sugar (I combined granulated sugar with food coloring).





Products in this post may contain affiliate links