Chocolate Éclairs

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Growing up in a small town like Mill Valley, there was only one bakery. It was warm inside, with yellow-speckled floors and pictures of customers covering the walls. Of course my main goal as a kid was to have my photograph included, but apparently we never visited regularly enough. It's been gone for years, but I still remember the first time I saw a chocolate éclair. They looked like glistening jewels and were far more sophisticated than the pink sprinkled donuts that I usually chose. Little did I know that they were also filled with a rich custardy middle or I would have made the switch years before. I've now had my fair share of chocolate éclairs - and know just how special they are. On a particularly cold day this past week, I made this recipe. They were spectacular and I've decided to continue to make them from now on, as a subtle nod to a cherished childhood memory.