Bread and Butter Pickles

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I have a serious weakness for pickles. They're a necessity when eating deli sandwiches and a go-to snack with cocktails on summer afternoons. I love all varieties (especially when stored in big, old-fashioned barrels), but bread and butter pickles have always been my favorite. An older neighbor that lived up the street from me growing up would bring by homemade batches in industrial jars and they were always such a treat. I'd eat them straight out of the jar, often finishing them all in one sitting. This past weekend I decided to make them on my own using this recipe. I sliced them up thin using a Mandolin for consistent cuts (and fun ruffled edges) and let them marinate until they were crunchy, full of flavor, and equal parts sweet and salty. Just like old times, I ate them straight out of the jar, but managed to save a few to finish off some fried chicken sandwiches.