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Family Heirloom



Bruschetta is one my favorite simple summer dishes and I love that I can currently find all of the ingredients at the farmers' market. I've mastered a simple recipe that really enhances the sweetness of the tomato, the peppery taste of basil and the fruity aroma of the olive oil. Here are my little added touches for making it just right. -Use high quality extra virgin olive oil. Trust me, it's worth the extra money. -If you can find some, buy a loaf of rustic, Artisan bread (La Brea Bakery's Country Sourdough is perfect). -Cut the garlic in half and rub the open end on the freshly toasted bread. The heat from the bread melts the garlic evenly without being overpowering. -Finish with a touch of premium kosher or sea salt (I swear by


flaky crystals).

Products in this post may contain affiliate links