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Banana Pudding

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As I've mentioned time and time again, I'm a chocolate person and rarely do I even give a second thought to any sort of dessert in which it's lacking. Lately though, I've noticed a shift. I picked gummy bears instead of my usual Junior Mints at the movie theater last week. I decided that caramels with sea salt would be better left undipped in a chocolate sauce. And now here I am incorporating fruit into a dessert. I manage to stop by Magnolia's every time I'm in New York. It's not necessarily because they have the best cupcakes, but with the little lace window coverings and sweet smells wafting out into the street, it feels like you're in your grandma's kitchen. Though I had never tried the banana pudding, the reviews were always exuberantly positive and yesterday was just hot enough that I craved something cold and creamy. If you're willing to wait several hours for the pudding to set, that was the most challenging part. Though the recipe (here) is adamant about not substituting anything for Nilla wafers, I took the liberty in substituting the mini versions I spotted at the store.



Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.