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Entertaining Idea: Bachelor Season Finale Party

We're throwing a (low-effort!) Final Rose viewing party.
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bachelor opener

When Leslie told us a few months ago that she religiously watches The Bachelor, we had our doubts. The scenes G and I happened to catch over the years struck us as over-the-top, cheesy, and scripted. But when JoJo's season premiered last May, we started watching and soon enough, found ourselves completely hooked. It's the perfect storm of drama, romance, and hilarious characters. Every Monday, G and I cook a "fun" dinner (something like chicken tenders or a cheesy pasta), then settle in for the episode. I love that it gives us something to look forward to on a normally drab day of the week—we even have an office fantasy league now. 

While this season isn't quite as addictive as JoJo's (mostly because JoJo, in my opinion, was a far more interesting Bachelorette than Nick is a Bachelor), G and I will be hosting a few friends, including Gaby, Dorianne, Leslie, and Alina, for a Final Rose viewing party on March 13th. In planning the party, we started with two guidelines: We wanted it to be low-key—who has time to cook for hours after work on a Monday?—but themed to the season. We had so much fun coming up with topical appetizers based on the characters and dates. Here are the snacks and drink we'll be serving on March 13th:

the cocktail 2

Corinne’s Cucumber Martini: A cucumber-themed drink that pays homage to two of Corinne's favorite things: booze and sliced cucumbers. The only difference is that we don't have a nanny to serve us ours.

the appetizer

Love at First (Cheese) Flight: What better way to honor the Bachelor's home state of Wisconsin and the first non-Bachelor house destination, than with a flight of differently aged cheddars? (If only some of the contestants had been a little more age(d)-appropriate.)

main attraction
po' boys

Po' Boy Toy: Rachel's New Orleans date with Nick was one of our favorites of the season and Po' Boys are an easy way to bring the Creole to L.A. We'll leave the VooDoo dolls to Corinne.

the dessert
apple pies

Apple Pie of My Eye: Rumor has it that this season ends in Finland—so we're having Finnish apple turnovers, also known as Omenapiirakka, for dessert. Is that why they call it the Fin-tasy Suite?

party favor
ring pops

Put a Ring on It: What would a Final Rose party be without a proper "engagement" ring? After all, Nick left without his the last two seasons.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.