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What Our Home Workout Routines Look Like Now

Plus the products we've invested in over the past few months.

Ever since quarantine began, we've gotten a lot of questions about our workout routines—maybe it's because we're all looking for a little inspiration, or simply curious. We've shared bits and pieces about how we break a sweat (or don't!) at home—and many of you have joined for our group Peloton and live bodyweight classes, which we announce on @shopcupcakesandcashmere—but we thought we'd roundup our favorite exercise routines, fuel, and outfits into one place: 

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What time of day do you exercise? Most days, I'm out the door on an hour-long walk by 8 AM (although since it's gotten colder, I've been relishing more and more lazy mornings inside). I'm slowwwwly starting to embrace some of the equipment we have at home and am getting on the Peloton about once a week (#CodyForever) for a 30-minute ride and G and I have been doing partner workouts on the Tonal once or twice a week as well.
Favorite workout pre-quarantine? Chit chatting with our team at the water cooler? Seriously though, I really didn't have much of a consistent routine, so it was mainly just moving my mouth.
Biggest difference between now and then? I recognize just how important it is to move my body for the mental and physical health benefits. I used to take for granted the ability to work out and this pandemic has reminded me just how fortunate I am to be healthy and well enough to exercise. I also no longer have the excuse that because I'm running around, I'm too busy to work out, so I make sure to carve some time for myself nearly every morning so it's part of my built-in routine.
Have you invested in any equipment since quarantine began? We were pretty set with workout equipment, so I think the only thing I've purchased is a new ice pack for my neck and shoulders.
Where do you work out? Mainly on the trails by our house or in our home gym.
Walk us through your go-to workout. For my walks, I either make calls or listen to podcasts and try to be outside for at least an hour. I like to mix up the routes I take so I don't get too bored, and look for hilly areas to compensate for the fact that I don't go very fast. When it comes to Tonal, I'm a big fan of the 15-minute and under workouts that target your entire body since I can almost always convince myself to commit to that short amount of time. But they're deceptively hard and I'm always shaking and out of breath by the time I finish. As for the Peloton, I exclusively take Cody Rigsby's classes and filter the ones I choose based on time (anything over 30 minutes is a no-go for me) and playlist (pop or hip hop).
Does it change on the weekends? My goal is to move my body at least five days a week, so if I've walked Monday to Friday, I'll add in something like a Tonal abs class or an easy Peloton ride on the weekend. 
What's your favorite post-workout meal? One of G's smoothies that more closely resembles a milkshake (peanut butter, banana, whole milk, dates, cocoa powder, and vanilla).
Pre-workout meal? Usually just a cup of coffee with whole milk.
On a day "off," I usually... am running around an empty park or the beach with Sloan, or cleaning the house. I find that even when I'm not technically exercising, staying active helps with my mood, anxiety, and sleep so staying completely stagnant no longer feels good.
I could never work out without... music or some form of distraction.
When I'm feeling unmotivated, I... give myself a break! Things are hard enough right now, so if I'm feeling burnt out, I'll take the day off and come up with something that sounds doable the next day. OR I tell myself to just do a 15-minute Tonal workout and inevitably know the endorphin kick I'll get at the end will make it all worth it.
Post-quarantine, what's your ideal workout regimen? Honestly it'll look pretty similar, just with more girlfriends on my walks.


Nike No-Show SocksOne of my biggest pet peeves is when my socks slip off my heel, so I swear by these Nike No-Show Socks that I've exclusively worn for six years (I even featured them as one of my best buys in 2014).
Splits59 LeggingsThese high-waisted leggings in my favorite color combination have become my go-to for working out. I love that they're breathable and flexible for a Peloton ride, but still comfortable enough for the couch when I'm feeling a little less inspired to move.
Nike Pegasus Running Shoes: I was long overdue for a new pair of athletic shoes since my toes were literally popping through the tops of my last ones and these are what I decided on. They're light, form perfectly to my foot and offer tons of support.

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Our guest room/office currently feels like John Oliver's "blank white void," but working on adding some art!

Our guest room/office currently feels like John Oliver's "blank white void," but working on adding some art!

What time of day do you exercise? Evening—it helps me unwind after work into dinner and a relaxing evening.
Favorite workout pre-quarantine? Group fitness classes! I went to Basecamp Fitness in West Hollywood so often I knew every other regular and instructor, which I miss (a lot). 
Biggest difference between now and then? I had so many more options before quarantine. I went to Basecamp classes three to four days a week, and did outdoor activities the other days (running, hiking, rock climbing, tennis), as well as the occasional ClassPass class. Because the trails are less dense in Portland than they were in L.A. (it was difficult to maintain six feet away from others on the trail closest to me, Runyon Canyon), I've been getting back into hiking every weekend.
Have you invested in any equipment since quarantine began? Yes! I never worked out at home before March, so I outfitted a corner of my living room to be a home gym. I bought resistance bands, a jump rope, 5 and 15-pound weightsweighted bangles, and finally my Peloton bike. I'd always been interested in one, since I love indoor cycling classes, but I could never justify the cost—until quarantine. When it became clear I wouldn't be going to a gym anytime soon, I bought one (at the time, the shelter-in-place was supposed to lift April 20th, which I vividly remember since I worried my bike would arrive after quarantine was over... ha). I'm often asked if the investment is worth it, and for me, absolutely. I paid for it using the budget we'd allotted for flowers for our wedding, and it's honestly gotten a lot more use than my blooms would have! 
Where do you work out? In our last apartment, our bike was wedged into the living room, but it's now in our second bedroom, which functions as Jonah's office, my home gym, and a guest room (that sadly won't be utilized any time soon).
Walk us through your go-to workout. I often do a 30- to 45-minute Peloton ride, though I've been loving their bootcamp bike classes (where you alternate between biking and floor exercises), then maybe a 10-minute ab class and a short stretch. I switch pretty regularly between instructors, depending on my mood that day. My favorites include Ally, Tunde, Cody, Dennis, and Emma. 
Does it change on the weekends? I reserve longer rides for one morning a weekend, like an hour-long Matt Wilpers class or sixty-minute bike bootcamp by Jess Sims (who can motivate me through anything), but usually I'm outside hiking or adventuring somewhere! 
What's your favorite post-workout meal? Dinner! You can get an idea of what that looks like here.
Pre-workout meal? If I'm working out first thing in the morning, I'll always eat a banana with peanut butter first and some coffee (a habit my college crew coach drilled into me). Otherwise, it's whatever I had for lunch!
On a day "off," I usually... go for a short hike or take an online restorative yoga class.
I could never work out without... a really great playlist. I recently bought Airpods Pro when they went on a rare sale, and I love them.
When I'm feeling unmotivated, I... work out anyways! It's a gift to be able to move and get your blood pumping, so I try not to take it for granted. Plus, I really enjoy working out—even if I don't feel like biking or running, I can find something like a dance class, walk, or yoga that I'm happy to do.
Post-quarantine, what's your ideal workout regimen? I've been surprised by how much I enjoy working out at home but, ideally, I would use my Peloton maybe three to four days a week, do a whole lot more running outside, and take yoga a few times a week. 

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Clip-On Fan: When L.A. was 95 to 100 degrees every day, I invested in a fan to combat our A/C-free apartment. This little fan, which Geoffrey originally recommended to me, has made all the difference. Just be sure to charge it after every use! 
Washcloths: I'm a big sweater when I exercise, so I keep a stack of clean washcloths on hand to use as workout towels. I highly recommend investing in a stack of ten from Target (you could even keep them in the fridge for post-workout... just sayin'). 
Beyond Yoga Racerback Cami: I've written about these camis before because they are the perfect WFH to workout tank. While they wouldn't offer enough support for a run, they're perfect for biking, yoga, or pilates at home.

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What time of day do you exercise? I am absolutely all over the place. You're equally as likely to find me working out at 8 AM (though I kind of hate it) as 8 PM. My favorite time to work out or walk is late afternoon, around 4 or 5 PM.
Favorite workout pre-quarantine? I've been on a kickball team since 2014, and have played mostly year-round on Sundays until I "retired" last summer. The team forced me out of retirement for the spring season this year, and I think we played three games before everything shut down in March. I bought my Peloton bike last summer and honestly never felt the need to look for a different way to work out ever again. I used to do yoga a lot in my early-to-mid-twenties and loved it, but I got a "wrist cyst" after falling down during a kickball game and had to stop.
Biggest difference between now and then? Not much, but I suppose I do miss the social aspects of kickball a lot. I go on slightly longer evening walks now, but my routine hasn't changed much during quarantine, and I still think of my Peloton bike as one of the best purchases I've ever made. If only I had known what was coming less than a year after I bought it...
Have you invested in any equipment since quarantine began? I bought three pound hand weights for my Peloton, which I'm not sure was my best move. Truthfully, the bright pink two pound weights I had pre-quarantine didn't go with my new decor, and I just couldn't find two pounds weights in black. It's all about the aesthetics, right?
Where do you work out? I go on long walks just around my neighborhood, and my bike is in what I think was supposed to be my dining room.
Walk us through your go-to workout. I take a 30-to-45-minute walk around my neighborhood (I should get some ankle weights and make it a thing), or I do a 30-minute Peloton ride with Cody, Alex, or Tunde. I don't do warm-ups or cool-downs, I'm a "get in and get out" kind of rider. I try my best to ride three times a week, usually Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
Does it change on the weekends? Either Saturday or Sunday is always a completely "off" day for me. I'm much better about taking walks during the week, but if I don't take a walk at least once during the weekend, I get major cabin fever.
What's your favorite post-workout meal? I've actually never thought about that. Something with delicious carbs?
Pre-workout meal? This isn't a meal, exactly, but I accidentally figured out that if I eat some candy about 30 minutes before I do a Peloton ride, I will totally slay it. I don't do it very often, but the sugar high is real.
On a day "off," I usually... do absolutely nothing. Does turning the pages of a 400-page book count as "working out"?
I could never work out without... a really good playlist (or podcast for long walks), and the company of one of my beloved Peloton instructors. Finding the right instructor has made ALL the difference in my motivation to work out.
When I'm feeling unmotivated, I... At the beginning of quarantine, I was feeling really sad and unmotivated, so I made a "rule" that I couldn't shower unless I had worked out first. It worked so well I did it for about three months, and now I'm more in the habit of working out and don't need to be so crazy anymore!
Post-quarantine, what's your ideal workout regimen? The exact same thing as I'm doing now! I bought a Peloton bike pre-quarantine for a reason, and you're honestly never, ever going to see me at a gym ever again. I do miss my kickball team a lot though, so there's a possibility you'll find me at the park (and the bar) eventually some day again.

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American Eagle Bike Shorts: This may be surprising, but my current favorite bike shorts are from American Eagle. I have two pairs from Amazon that I really like, but I decided that I needed a few more pairs so I don't have to constantly do laundry, and I bought some from AE for around $13 each (they're always on sale). Big fan!
Tevas: I finally took the plunge and bought a pair of Tevas to be my new walking / dog park shoes. They're really comfortable and easy to hose down when they get dirty.
Clip-On Fan: I hate to repeat things, but I also bought "The Fan" and it's made a gigantic difference in my A/C-free apartment.

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What time of day do you exercise? I generally prefer evening workouts, since I find that I have way more energy (#NightOwlLife). But I've started to enjoy our morning IG Live classes or Peloton rides at 8 AM–early exercise is a new thing for me, and I wind up feeling accomplished before I even start to tackle my emails.
Favorite workout pre-quarantine? Pilates on a Megaformer (I miss it so much!), hiking, and Peloton rides. 
Biggest difference between now and then? My exercise has become more cardio-focused in quarantine since Pilates hasn't been possible. Honestly, I'm thrilled to get more use out of my bike.
Have you invested in any equipment since quarantine began? Just a mini exercise balance ball (unless you also count the most basic towels as exercise equipment – I feel like these are the only ones that *actually* absorb sweat).
Where do you work out? Our gym/media hybrid room or our living room.
Walk us through your go-to workout. Throw my hair into a top knot, clip on my shoes, and select one of the 30-or-45-minute Cody Rigsby classes in my Peloton saved folder. I also love Beth Cooke's flows on Obé (she was one of my absolute favorite yoga instructors in NYC, and I'm so grateful I can still experience her practice virtually) and taking Cierra's IGTVs (she taught a live class for us on the Shop, and I keep going back since her energy is infectious and the music is top notch). I had started Lia Bartha's B The Method IG Lives (they're low-impact and extremely effective) and then she launched her own app, which I'm considering subscribing to.
Does it change on the weekends? It varies. Some weekends I'm motivated and get in two workouts, others I barely get any steps in.
What's your favorite post-workout meal? Honestly...I always crave and wind up  drinking chocolate milk? I've heard that it's great for recovery, but I just drink it because it's delicious.
Pre-workout meal? I don't eat within three hours of working out. If I do, I wind up feeling sick. So it's usually whatever I ate for lunch.
On a day "off," I usually... watch movies, bake, and if we're feeling it, Kelly and I will venture outside for a FaceTime walk.
I could never work out without... a towel and my hair in a topknot. (I can't relate to the unicorns who can exercise with their hair down! Clearly, I sweat...a lot. 🤣) 
When I'm feeling unmotivated, I... just let myself feel unmotivated. Even though I know I never regret working out, I try to just listen to what my body needs each day, and sometimes that's hanging out on the couch. 
Post-quarantine, what's your ideal workout regimen? I'm pretty content with my current setup, though I look forward to incorporating Pilates into my routine again!

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Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds: I wrote about these in Our World back in January 2019, and still love them. They keep sweat out (key!), fit so snugly in my ears, and allow me to blast Cody's pop music without disturbing Justin across the room.
Beyond Yoga everything: My love affair with all things Beyond Yoga has been well-documented, and I've been living in my legging and tank sets all of quarantine. They're buttery soft and so comfortable that you don't feel like you're wearing anything.
Asics GEL-Kayano: While I love my Adidas by Stella McCartney sneakers for errands or short walks, I'm extremely loyal to Asics, and the GEL-Kayanos in particular. In college, I got a stress fracture in my foot from long-distance running, and a podiatrist told me that my Nike running shoes were the culprit. These helped tremendously, and I even have custom inserts that ensure my feet are supported and injury-free!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.