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Our Team's Favorite Activewear (Plus 15 Fitness Apps Offering Free Trials)

Getting antsy? We've got you!
emily and sloan

As our team continues to ride the endorphin high from February Fitness Month, we remain motivated to move this March, even while practicing social distancing. From Leslie's long runs to Katie and Jess' commitment to Kayla Itsines' BBG workouts, we each have our clear preferences when it comes to how we exercise and what we wear when we do (which, incidentally since working from home, have become what we wear all the time...). We'll be sharing our favorite at-home workouts soon, but here is a small peek into how our team is currently working up a sartorial sweat: 


Sports Bra: Though I remain all ears for any and all sports bra recommendations you may have, I find myself repeatedly coming back to this option from Lululemon. Lightweight, yet super supportive, I feel much more comfortable wearing this sports bra than I do in almost any other. 
Top: It is no secret that I love all things Eddie Bauer, and their workout tanks are certainly no exception. I brought this one on G and my recent trip to Alberta and, while it was tucked away under a few layers, it served me extremely well during our ice hike. 
Leggings: When it comes to leggings, I try to stick with classic, high-waisted ones like these from Nike or Eddie Bauer leggings. They go with everything and are extremely flattering. 
Jacket/Cover: As I'm beginning to get into the rhythm of solo hiking before work a few times a week, I've come to value the importance of having a great workout jacket that keeps me cozy in the brisk mornings, but not uncomfortably warm once I work up a sweat. Lately, I have been throwing on this crewneck from The Great. before I leave the house, but also alternate between the Zoey Fuzzy Pullover, this Eddie Bauer Fleece, and my Eddie Bauer 1/4-Zip depending on the weather. 
Sneakers: I love wearing my favorite Nike sneakers (similar here) just as much with a dress or skirt for a casual lunch hour walk as I do an at home workout. Feeling forever thankful that athletic sneakers became fashionable. 
Reusable Water Bottle: While I still carry around my S'well from time to time, I find that I am far more inclined to drink water throughout the day if I bring my Simple Modern Tumbler. I have written about this bottle repeatedly (it was one of my favorite buys of last year!) and carry it with me every day, whether I'm working out or not. 


Sports Bra: When it comes to workout wear, I'm all about "no fuss." Most of my sports bras come from Target and are relics from high school, but I do have a few cuter bras I pull out when I'm feeling fancy, like this one from Lululemon in 'Moss Rose!'
Top: One of the challenges of working out most days is that I look significantly cuter at the gym the closer I am to laundry day. I have several black tank tops from Lululemon I love (like this crop top and this tank) and a gifted Blank Label Active tank, though, you'll often see me in my "Champagne is My Game" or "Nasty Woman" t-shirts.
Leggings: My closet is full of black Lululemon leggings, especially since they have such a fantastic warrantee on them (they've replaced several that have pilled or had similar issues for me!). I love their 28" Speed Up leggings for almost every exercise I do, from bootcamp classes to running, tennis, yoga, and even under my ski pants! 
Jacket/Cover: Most of my picks are going to be Lululemon simply because their products are so well-made that they last forever. My mom bought me a luon jacket in their Halifax store about fifteen years ago (!) that I still wear almost every day because it's the perfect post-sweat layer, and cut in a way that's incredibly flattering. It's literally in my backpack for an after-work hike as I type this—this one is really similar! 
Sneakers: For running, I highly recommend you visit a running store and talk to their staff to get the right shoes for your feet (here is where I buy most of mine). They may not be cute, but they'll save you from injury! For weights-based classes, I love APL's 'Ascend' sneaker, which are more expensive than their popular 'Phantom' sneaker, but feel more supportive. Mine are white, but I just throw them in the washing machine (air-dry!) when they need it! 
Reusable Water Bottle: I prefer a bottle that's easy to take a swig from mid-workout (aka doesn't require unscrewing a lid). I use a Sweaty Betty water bottle I got from an event years ago, but you can't go wrong with a CamelBak!


Sports Bra: I'm really not consistent with sports bras. My collection is mostly random selections from Primark over the years. I recently picked up this one from Target, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed! Will report back later...
Top: This is an area where I'm definitely lacking since I can be seen across L.A. studios in Jonas Brothers and college tee shirts almost exclusively. Blank Label Active sent me this amazing backless tank, and I'm now completely obsessed. I love that it stays up properly, breathes well, and is flattering (I prefer a crop when possible).
Leggings: I have three types of leggings I rely on for a variety of workouts. The Pace Rival Crop from Lululemon is arguably the most flattering on my short frame since the crop hits more of a 3/4 length. They're also incredibly versatile for both gym and studio classes, and have pockets for your phone and keys (win, win, win)! The Wunder Under Tight, also from Lululemon, are my favorite high waisted option. These are especially great for cycling or yoga when you want to just wear a sports bra as a top but don't want your entire stomach out. Lastly, I love the Gym Shark Flex legging for lifting at the gym since they're slightly thicker and more sweat-wicking. Bonus: They make your butt look low-key amazing.
Jacket/Cover: I gravitate towards ballerina wraps or cropped crewnecks to throw on over my workout gear. I aspire to have that on-the-go model look, somewhere between SoulCycle and a juice bar (but definitely look far from it, ha). My favorites are this ballerina wrap jacket, a cropped hoodie, and a camo moment.
Sneakers: I swear by Adidas for both my casual and sporty sneakers, mostly since they're always so cute. I have a really high arch in my foot and find my Alphabounces the most comfortable and easy to move in during HIIT and cardio classes. 
Reusable Water Bottle: As much as I love my insulated tumbler for daily hydration, I prefer to bring a traditional Gatorade bottle to the gym. It's an OG product for a reason! 


Sports Bra: Love my Target bras more than life (I own about five in black), and I'm also a big fan of FP Movement's Happiness Runs Crop and Free Throw Crop. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend these if your have a bigger bust, but I personally find them remarkably comfortable, supportive, and flattering.
Top: I've recently become addicted to the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Slim Racerback Cropped Tank. It has a built-in bra for smaller chests, and hits at the exact point where their leggings lie on your stomach (I hate the t-shirt tuck). The fabric is insanely soft and comfortable, and works just as well for Pilates classes as it does for dance cardio.
Leggings: I love a Lululemon legging as much as the next gal ( I own a few for different occasions), but the two I tend to feel my best in are the Beyond Yoga High Waisted Midi Leggings and Alo Airlift High Waist Leggings. Beyond Yoga's material is the same as the previously mentioned top, and they're just thick enough that you don't even feel like you're wearing leggings. Alo's are basically like Spanx for working out, and I throw them on when I'm trying out a new class—the compression and smoothing make me feel ready to take on anything.
Jacket/Cover: You can usually find me in an old sweatshirt, but when I'm exercising in chilly weather, I go for Lululemon's Define Jacket Nulux or Down For It All. I prefer jackets that have pockets (for my phone/key), a thin but insulating material, and don't have a ton of added tchotchkes (like strings in the hood or extra material on the zipper) because I find them to be distracting while I'm running.
Sneakers: When it comes to running, I honestly won't wear anything but Asics Gel Kayanos. I tried training for a half marathon in Nike sneakers in college and wound up with a stress fracture, so I spent some time with an expert at a running shoe store (ran on their treadmill, they watched my stride, measured my feet, etc.) and after they recommended the Kayanos, I've never looked back. If you're a distance runner, I highly recommend getting fitted for and buying custom inserts (especially if your feet also pronate like me!), since it ensures you're not prone to injury.
Reusable Water Bottle: My mom collects reusable water bottles like it's her job, so I knew she wouldn't mind when I "borrowed" one of the Contigo Water Bottles in her cabinet. I've never given it back, and keep it around me at all times to stay hydrated (I have found that a straw is necessary in order for me to drink water regularly!). 


Sports Bra: Personally, I've never really found the "holy grail" of sports bras that makes me want to shout it from the rooftops. I have a few from Lululemon, two from Nike, and I love my Zella sports bra / crop top for spinning. I don't need a lot of support in this department, so I'm pretty ambivalent about it!
Top: I am pretty passionate about workout tops, though! I own the Swiftly Tech Racerback from Lululemon in four colors and there's nothing stopping me from buying the entire rainbow (except money...).
Leggings: How can I possibly pick a favorite between the Align Pant from Lululemon and the Salutation Tights from Athleta? Whether or not I need POCKETS, that's how (the Salutation tights have big stash pockets for your phone or keys on the leg!). Speaking of pockets, I also love these $20 workout shorts from Amazon for spinning (I get the 8" length).
Jacket/Cover: Nike or bust. I've never really needed to look for anything new because I love the Windrunner Tech Fleece so much, but how cute is this windbreaker?! Do I need it?
Sneakers: I have five pairs of sneakers (for different purposes), and four of them are Nike. If I was ever going to run a marathon (lol... just kidding, that will never happen), I would wear my Zoom Pegasus 36's.
Reusable Water Bottle: I ran a 10K sponsored by Nike and got a free water bottle that looks like this one. If I'm going hiking, I'll bring a big Hydroflask to keep the water cold.


Sports Bra: If you remember from a few weeks ago, my relationship with sports bras has been a frustrating one, to put it nicely. Shortly after that post went up, I reminded myself that hope is not yet lost, and gave a few new, highly recommended bras a go. While I did like how supportive this one from Lululemon is, I ultimately found that this Target bra works just as well for a fraction of the cost.
Top: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I don't fully understand why I would spend money on a workout top...? Isn't that what old t-shirts are for? That said, I do own a select few I especially love, like this one from Blank Label Active (because twinning with Katie and Leslie is the best kind of twinning) and a long-sleeve I bought on sale at Lululemon years ago (similar here). 
Leggings: While these leggings are my old faithful for bootcamp classes or hiking with friends, I have really been digging bell-bottom yoga pants lately! I spent a good two years of elementary school exclusively in Hardtail yoga pants and tennis skorts (you know, so that I could be cute while playing tag during recess!), and these Lululemon yoga pants serve as a wonderful reminder of the hot lava monster champion I used to be, while meeting the needs of present-day Natalie's adult curves. 
Jacket/Cover: On the rare occasion that I opt to work out before work (I am a night person to the core), I will usually just wear the college sweatshirt I was wearing as pajama top the night before. Otherwise, I often throw on this cropped crewneck after an evening class, or a bright colored Uniqlo puffer for a journey into the great outdoors.
Sneakers: I don't think I knew what love was until I owned these Adidas Ultraboost 20 sneakers in all black. They are light enough that I can wear them to dance cardio class, but provide enough support for a jog (read: walk) to the beach. 
Reusable Water Bottle: Okay, I recant my previous statement, I did not know what love was until I owned a Nalgene water bottle. After years of not knowing how to properly clean the straw of my Camelbak (yikes, I know), I purchased my Nalgene just prior to a big backpacking trip and have been my happiest, hydrated self since. I highly recommend also getting a splashguard as the probability of spilling the entire contents of your bottle on your face without one is 100% likely.

Workout Apps Offering Free Trials:

Obé (normally a 7-day free trial but free this month with code ATHOME!; includes live workouts)

Tracy Anderson (14-day free trial)

Barre 3 (15-day free trial)

Peloton (expanded 30-day free trial to 90 days!)

Amanda Kloots (7-day free trial, and $9.99 after)

P.volve (30-day free trial using promo code ONEPVOLVE after creating an account), in addition to free 15-20 minute workouts on Instagram

Melissa Wood (7-day free trial)

Daily Burn (30-day free trial; new daily classes at 9am ET; offers everything from running, yoga and HIIT)

Classpass (14-day free trial grants access to their free, home fitness videos as part of the monthly membership)

Glo (15-day free trial; yoga, pilates, meditation)

Sweat by Kayla Itsines (7-day free trial)

Neou (30-day free trial; streaming app for cardio workouts)

Aaptiv (30-day free trial)

Les Mills (30-day free trial and free workouts, barre, body pump, body flow and yoga)

Sky Ting (7-day free trial; this NYC-based yoga studio is offering a free week of online classes)

Studios and Teachers Offering Free, Live Classes:

Core Power Yoga On Demand (while studios are closed everyone, membership or not, has access to a special collection of free online classes) 

NYC Ballet Dancers are offering live classes this week (follow @tilerpeck and @ashleybouder on Instagram for more info)

Leslie and our Buyer Lisa's favorite yoga studio in LA is hosting classes on Instagram Live, via @yogavibela

Barry’s Bootcamp on Instagram Live... all you need is your bodyweight to participate (If you’ve ever been too afraid to go IRL…)

Planet Fitness is live everyday at 7pm ET for the next two weeks, via their Youtube channel

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.