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Zip It

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Despite the zipper's potentially dangerous aftermath [read: Ben Stiller's bathroom scene from 'Something About Mary,'] it's a ridiculously useful tool and as of late, a rather seductive addition when executed in a non-traditional way. This Acne Jeans Zipper Charm Dress has a zipper that runs down the entire front, for a rather suggestive vibe that's perfectly offset by the loose pockets. For nighttime, I'd pair this with a bra in a jewel-tone color and some black booties. Extra bonus if you're a size 4 or 8 since it's 50% off at La Garconne, a great online resource for under-the-radar brands. Alexander McQueen's Exposed Zip Tank is just the piece I've been looking for to pair with my closet full of pencil skirts for Fall. I love the black-lined zipper that runs down the spine since it complements the bright cherry color in such a dramatic way. Since $213 is astronomical for a simple tank, I only wish I had the skills to buy a zipper from JoAnn's and apply one myself. I'm crazy about nearly every piece in Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent's clothing line, so it's no surprise that her Allison Zip Front Platform Bootie is now on my wish list. I love that the zipper is a focal point with a matching little tassel that zips down towards the toes. With dark, textured tights and a plaid skirt, this would be such a lovely homage to prep-school chic.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.