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You Are What You Wear

A confidence-projecting shirtdress with a twist.
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When I took the leap from my 9-to-5 job to work on my blog full-time almost eight years ago, one of my greatest hesitations was how isolating it would be. For the first few years, I worked by myself at home, with Geoffrey taking photos after work and on the weekends—there wasn't a whole lot of human interaction. That obviously changed as our team grew and I became involved in collaborations with other brands, but it still wasn't like working in a traditional office. The past few months, however, have been packed with more meetings than ever in preparation for the Shop launch. The unprecedented number of meetings meant I was constantly working with new people and, as the founder, being the brand's biggest champion. At every meeting, I had to project a level of confidence on par with how passionate I am about the blog and the new site, which to me is synonymous with dressing my best. Like I did when I used to go into intimidating interviews and meetings, I invested in a piece that made me look as confident as I wanted to feel. In this case: a killer shirtdress that's professional with a creative edge.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.