We're Calling It: Embroidered Flowers Are Going to Be Everywhere Soon (And We Don't Mind)

We hear it's 60 and sunny in New York...
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The same day Sezane launched their January capsule collection, I walked into TheGREAT.'s store on Melrose and immediately recognized a connection: Both included several pieces with dainty, embroidered flowers. I'm all for an embroidered floral, but these were more playful, almost something I'd expect to see on a sweatshirt for Sloan. Most of the embroidered flowers I've seen are daisies in pastel hues, like on this vintage-inspired sweatshirt, this sweaterblouse, and dress, but I also love the bouquets on this dress and this blouse. The purple flowers on these sweatpants (and top) make them cute enough for brunch, and this prairie dress is perfect for summer—but why wait till then?