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We Each Picked Our All-Time Favorite Outfit We've Seen On Instagram

Here's how we plan to replicate them.

Los Angeles is full of outfit inspiration—all we have to do is walk down Melrose to find a hundred looks worth emulating. But when that fails, there's Instagram. It should come as no surprise that our entire office already had several dream outfits saved on Instagram. We did our best to each select one, and what we hope to take away from it: 


I love how at first glance, the outfit on the left almost veers towards professional, but still packs a punch. I like all of the neutral elements: a pale blue button-down with tan elements (a coat, knotted belt, and pointy-toe pumps in the same shade), which allows the Kelly-green satin pants to really shine. 

Biggest takeaway: I'm usually someone who opts for the "safe" choice when picking colors to wear, but this serves as a reminder that as long as everything else is subdued, an unexpected pop really brings an entire outfit to life.


My 'Saved' Instagrams are a patchwork of minimalist looks with unexpected splashes of color. I mostly save the outfits I could easily replicate and aspirational pieces (an eye-catching tie-dye moment, similar here, goop's pretty pink workout line), but then there are the colorful wear-in-my-dreams outfits. I own two shirts that aren't either white, beige, or black, but that doesn't keep me from saving every single color. Recently, I've been loving the personality-filled dresses Sophia Roe wears, Rachel Antonoff jumpsuits, this red crepe dress, and colorful Malone Soulier shoes.

Biggest takeaway: When it comes to everyday basics, lean into the high-quality neutrals (there's nothing more appealing to me than this brown sweater and coordinated slide), but don't be afraid of color once in a while!


Mixing patterns appeals to me in theory, but I can't ever get it right in real life. I recently discovered Rixo, a vintage-inspired brand that offers the most eye-catching fabrics and prints. I immediately saved this whole look on Instagram to buy later: the slightly oversized silhouette of the dress paired with the chunky sneakers and a crossbody bag spoke to me on a spiritual level. Aaand then I saw the price. Though I loved that they figured out a perfect combination of colors and patterns that just works, I can now use it as a jumping off point to style it in my own way. This floral Zara dress has the same feminine feel, and I'd throw on a dark patterned sweater (like this or this) to cause the perfect amount of clash.

Biggest takeaway: Pulling this photo was actually really inspiring for me, because I've been so intimidated to even attempt to mix prints. I'm going to start saving and studying more shots with different patterns or textures and try to get to the root of why they work—then let those findings dictate my future purchases!


First off, let me be clear that this outfit is my favorite *aspirational, living-my-best-life* outfit, and not how I actually dress day to day. That being said, this crazy outfit just really speaks to me—everything from the color palette (including the emerald shoes which you can just barely see) to the dress and jeans combo that’s reminiscent of the early 2000’s era; a look I’ve tried (and mostly failed) to re-create every few years since.

This outfit, worn by the flawless Maxim Magnus, reminds me that I desperately need to find a pair of high waisted, straight leg jeans in a mid-blue color like her jeans by Raey; I’ve been thinking about snagging this pair from Topshop (which are currently on sale!). The sequined top/dress is Halpern (which I’ll never be able to afford, lol), but it's sort of like this dress, or this one, which I loooove, but would never wear with just my bare legs.

Biggest takeaway: If you want to wear jeans 90% of the time (guilty), you don't need to ALWAYS pair them with a t-shirt or something simple. This outfit truly takes jeans to the next level and would bust me out of the jeans + t-shirt + leather jacket rut that I’ve been in for the last five years.


One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram is Rhianna because it’s 2019, I am alive, and everyone alive should be following Rhianna! Her street style is so iconic I feel I don’t need to tell you about it, and she’s so effortlessly cool I can never reach her heights. But in a way, that makes it easier to try and emulate her style—knowing that I will fail makes trying to succeed more fun! To make this look affordable I would wear an oversized white shirt and accessorize with a flick of white eyeliner. These white bags (here and here) could be worn together, and paired with some confidence I could rock this look—right? I am going to try.

Biggest takeaway: Go for the hard-to-emulate trends, and don't be afraid to fail!


I've always been absolutely obsessed with all things French fashion, so it's no surprise to me that my entire saved section on Instagram is full of killer outfits from Adenorah, Violette, and Jeanne Damas. These women always look like the chicest person in the room, and the one who somehow put it the least effort. In particular, I'm obsessed with Adenorah's Parisian slip dresses, straw bags, vintage jumpsuits, and overall Brigitte Bardot vibes. I don't think I could ever pull it off, but this exact look, with a vintage denim jacket, cat eye sunglasses, and straw bag, would be my dream outfit to explore the streets of Paris. 

Biggest takeaway: Get dressed with Paris in mind. 


While 90% of my saved Instagram’s are recipe- or cooking-related, the 10% minority is comprised of minimalist outfits with gold accessories. My favorite is without question the white dress Kourtney Kardashian wore in Cannes with classic Ray-Ban aviators and enviable vintage jewelry. The combination of a classic, strapless silhouette with a statement sleeve strikes the perfect balance of unexpected and understated. I'm ordering this dress to wear on the Malibu Wine Safaris with a straw hat and gold hoops.  

Biggest takeaway: Pick classic pieces with eye-catching details.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.