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Walking on Sunshine


As far as jewelry goes, I love rings, but unfortunately, my hands don't. Had it not been for the years of basketball that made all of my fingers crooked [read: ugly], I would wear them all the time. For this reason though, I refuse to spend more than $10 on them, either finding rings at flea markets or cheap stores. Lucky for me, there's now a 3-story Forever 21 store in Santa Monica and it's absolutely filled with incredibly priced accessories. This

Faceted Stone Ring

caught my eye and it looked great with the dark red nail polish I was wearing at the time (yes, I know it's spring, so I've finally transitioned to a more appropriate punchy pink). The large, single stone makes it look expensive and the gold hardware is minimal, which I love. Since I knew this would quickly become a wardrobe staple, I was tempted to buy the white option for only another $4.80, but because it ended up channeling a golf ball, I had to pass.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links