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Spotlight On: Velvet

The trending fall fabric we can't get enough of.

If there's one of-the-moment fabric to embrace this fall, it's velvet. The market is saturated (no pun intended) with cool iterations of the rich, luxe fabric at affordable price points. You name an item, and it comes in velvet this season. Track pants, body suit, blazer, bralet? Yep, there's a velvet version of that. We can speak to the current popularity of the trend ourselves: Our Cupcakes and Cashmere burgundy velvet blazer sold out almost immediately on Nordstrom a few weeks ago (but this black version is new in stock!) Keep scrolling for some of our favorite picks right now!

Spotlight on Velvet Market Roundup.png

1. Velvet Bardot Top ($68)
2. Velvet Loafers ($49)
3. Velvet Pleat Midi Skirt ($100)
4. High-Tops ($139)
5. "Mink" Velvet Culotte ($99)
6. Velvet Babydoll Top ($59)
7. Alice + Olivia Dina Pumps ($295)
8. Blue Velvet Square-Toe Heels ($59)
9. Ankle Strap Mid-Pumps ($365)
10. Zip Mini Skirt ($295)
11. Velvet Skinny Jeans ($275)
12. Nude Pink Body Suit ($39)
13. Clare V. Foldover Clutch in Navy ($235)
14. Velvet Ankle Boots ($125)

P.S. Check out the affordable velvet Mary Janes Emily recently featured in Find of the Week. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.