Turkey Trousers


Despite the laid back nature of Thanksgiving, it's always a tricky holiday for which to dress. Of course, you want to look nice, but given the four extra pounds you'll be acquiring in an afternoon, comfort is of utmost importance. Since only Joey Tribbiani can get away with wearing maternity pants to the table, here's my idea of a perfect outfit for Thursday afternoon.



Sheer Floral Woven Blouse

, $19.90. Dark enough to hide spills, but in a breathable fabric with a cheery pattern. 2.

Miu Miu Jeweled Satin Cuff

, $294. This sparkly bracelet will illuminate the whole table during dinner. 3.

Flannel Lantern Skirt

, $70. I love this slimming skirt that can be inched up as the belly expands. 4.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Glossy Bow Hairband

, $39. A cute hair accessory that will also help keep food out of your mouth. 5.

Maloles Pleated Bow Ballet Flat

, $230. These crinkled leather ballet flats are not only cute, but also comfortable for running around the kitchen. What is your take on Thanksgiving attire? Do you roll to the table in sweats or satin?