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Tied with a Bow

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For years, bows were considered the ultimate girly accessory, reserved mainly for toddlers and in the pigtails of cheerleaders. This season, they've come full circle, showcased in an almost powerful manner by gracing the collars of shirts as a playful take on the bow tie. Below are the details on the six pieces I've deemed worthy of my wish list.

1. French serge day coat - J.Crew, $350. I'm captivated by the model's rosy cheeks and bright smile, but it's the saffron-colored coat that really illuminates her features flawlessly.

2. Bow Bouse - Cheap Monday, $75. A slightly unfussy take on this prim and proper trend in a buffalo plaid and oversized bow.

3. Silk Backless Bow Bouse - Sea, $275. True to its name, this shirt is a seductive halter thanks to its barely-there silk and accordian pleating.

4. Lunar Bow Front Top- Madison, $245. I love the asymmetrical bow on this sunny top that I'd tuck into some high-waisted trousers.

5. Bow Tied Blouse - Mink Pink, $57. I love the simplicity of this piece with its relaxed fit and low-cut neckline.

6. Ava Bow Tank - Christopher Deane, $237. The hot pink bow on this cream colored top really pops, making this the perfect option for a date.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.