With This Blouse, It's All About the Details

Leaning into leopard print at one of my favorite lunch spots in L.A.
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Like any large city, LA is constantly evolving. In the time since our office was located downtown just over a year ago, many of the stalls have changed at the food hall we used to frequent, which we re-discovered during a recent team lunch. What doesn't change in L.A. is the fact that fall takes its time. It's often still in the 80s through October, and just barely starts to feel brisk in November (and that's being generous). Don't get me wrong, I love 365 days of beautiful weather, but it's around this time of year I also start investing in coats and willing it to be colder out. One I keep returning to is this leopard print option from our fall collection. It's a perfect transitional piece, in that it's warm enough for fall weather without being stifling. I paired it with slides from one of my favorite L.A.-based designers, and a mustard blouse with the prettiest detailing.