The Surprising Place I Just Loaded Up On Sleepwear

In the spirit of lazy, relaxing weekends...
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The other day, when I was shopping for pajamas for Sloan, I noticed something surprising: GAP's pajamas 'for grownups' are insanely cute. While I'm a huge fan of their kids' loungewear, it's been years since I purchased something for myself there and I was delightfully surprised by the selection. (Side note: In no way is this sponsored, I'm just genuinely thrilled.) I immediately purchased a cute top and shorts set of blue pajamas for my weekend in Portland with Brooke. I'm slightly devastated that they didn't arrive before I left (they would be perfect for a slumber party), but I'm already excited to wear them when I return home. In the spirit of relaxing this weekend, here are some other pajamas I added to my cart from the GAP:

The Surprising Place I Just Loaded Up On Sleepwear From_Graphic

1., 2., Dreamwell Satin Cami ($30) and Lace Shorts ($30) 

3., 4.,Dreamwell Print Cami ($35) and Pants ($45)

5., Dreamer Striped Shorts ($25)

6., Lace Trim Chemise ($40)

7., Dreamwell Embroidered Robe ($128)

8., Embroidered Shorts ($35)

9., 10., Lace Trim Cami ($25) and Shorts ($25)

11., Print Joggers ($45)

12., 13., Striped Top ($45) and Shorts ($30)

14., Drawstring Joggers ($40)