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The Random Item That Gets Us the Most Compliments

Our closet holy grails.

We all have that piece in our closet that makes us feel fantastic each time we wear it—because, without a doubt, we know someone will compliment it. For Emily, it's a statement-making sweatshirt, but it's often something more subtle, and unexpected. Here are the items that get the most compliments, every time we wear them:


Without a doubt, the item I receive the most compliments on is a sweatshirt I purchased almost five years ago, for $20 at Forever21. The design immediately caught my eye, peeking from racks of clothes, and when I pulled it out to discover it was a shark, I loved the contrast between the scary shark and the candy-colored embellishments. Without fail, every time I wear it, someone comments on it, so I try to pull it out sparingly when I need a pick-me-up. I couldn't find the exact sweatshirt, but this cashmere option is pretty close, in terms of its unexpected playfulness. - Emily

Using the clutch, at a recent friend's wedding

Using the clutch, at a recent friend's wedding

When my mom bought a hand-beaded, sea glass clutch for me, it was an enormous indulgence. I was in tenth grade at the time, and at $100, it cost more than any other piece in my closet. But my eyes lit up so much when I saw it at Banana Republic, she later told me, she couldn't not get it, so she surprised me with it as the final touch to my floor-length black prom dress that year. It was my favorite thing then and remains one of the most treasured items in my closet. To this day, it's my go-to evening bag for dinners (it dresses up jeans and a tee) and weddings (it's the perfect complement to a cocktail dress) and has taught me the value of investing in, then taking care of, classic pieces that can last a lifetime. The exact clutch isn't available anymore since it's been about ten years, but this clutch is a similar beaded option (on sale!), I love the playful feathers on this one and the rich green color of this leather clutch. - Leslie


Any morning I feel uninspired looking at my closet, I grab one of my four pairs of vintage Levi's and know I'll be able to make something work—and that I'll be asked where I got them at least twice that day. Finding vintage jeans has become somewhat of a passion (read: obsession) for me over the past two years, and I've perfected the process using a bit of strategy and and a few tricks (would you guys be interested in hearing them?). It was tough to pick just one, but I'm going with my first pair. I love the distressed hem, and for someone who doesn't have a butt, they give the illusion that I do! - Jess

IMG_1193 2

For some people, jewelry is the last detail they add to their look. Meanwhile, I’m the total opposite and feel completely naked without my stacks of rings and a constellation of earrings. After desperately begging my mom to allow three lobe piercings on each ear in high school (Pretty Little Liars inspired a majority of my fashion decisions then), I am never without a full stack of earrings. Recently, my go to trio is a traditional diamond stud (CZ alternative here), the Keira in my middle piercing, and either a gold tube hoop or the Margot in my first. Not-so-secret pro tip: mix and match! Symmetry is never necessary for an ear party. - Katie 

Image via J.Crew

Image via J.Crew

I've always had a thing for tortoiseshell. I've had a tortoiseshell headband that's kept my hair back while I do makeup for a decade, earrings, multiple pairs of sunglasses, and a hair clip. When I saw these tortoiseshell sandals with the perfect block heel (2.5"!!), I knew they were obviously the next addition to my collection. Every time I wear them, I get compliments from friends, family, co-workers, random people on the street, and even a few men (what guy compliments a stranger on her shoes??). Since they're kind of brown and kind of black, I wear these with basically everything. The patent finish is just the icing on the tortoiseshell cake. - Kelly

Image via Zara

Image via Zara

When I first moved to LA from Toronto I had to leave all my puffy, down-filled jackets behind—sadly, they didn’t fit in my suitcase or my new closet. Luckily this gave me a good reason to look for a new West-Coast-weather-approved coat. After some searching, I found a lightweight trench coat in a dark rust color at Zara—I think the fun color brings the compliments but buying it in an oversized fit allowed me to pair it with more outfits for maximum wearability (and I can line it over sweaters for when it actually gets chilly that one week a year). Unfortunately, the original is completely sold out, but I love this similar transitional coat from our shop. - Anne

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.