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The Prettiest Personalized Jewelry

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I’m a sentimental person by nature. I still have my mismatched champagne flutes that remind me of college, a perfume that smells like my mom and all the cards G's ever written me. And now that Sloan's arrived, I wanted to find a way to honor her with something I can wear every day. Here are nine pieces of jewelry that pay homage to those you love in a sweet, subtle way.

The Helen Ficalora 'F' necklace I've had for years

The Helen Ficalora 'F' necklace I've had for years


1. Initial Earrings ($98)

2. Letterpress Ring ($33)

3. Enamel Locket ($95)

4. Initial Bar Necklace ($13)

5. Family Birthstone Cluster Necklace ($N/A)

6. Signet Ring ($109)

7. Tusk and Stone Earring ($195)

8. Stacking Initial Rings ($96)

9. Simple Alphabet Necklace ($50)