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The One Thing I Can Never Pass Up When Shopping

Why I can never resist a pretty white blouse.
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I've always drifted towards delicate, white blouses, but I wasn't aware of the extent to which I favor them until I did a closet inventory and realized they make up half my overall blouse collection. It's easy to understand why—they're crisp but breezy, and romantic but professional—without being as stiff as a standard Oxford button-down. To add to that, most of the white tops I own have some Bohemian element to them, like bell sleeves, pretty lace, unique embroidery, cut-out details, or a cinched waist, so they're eye-catching but still go with just about anything. Most importantly, I simply feel prettiest and most-pulled together when I'm in a white top. I love that I can throw one on just as easily with a grungy pair of boyfriend jeans, as I can with a fitted pencil skirt. For added wearability, the tops transition from office-appropriate to date night just by swapping out a nude bra for a lacy black bra peeking out. Since recognizing the trend in my own closet, I've become even more dedicated to buying white blouses when I come across one I love, since I know I'll wear it often. At this point, it's safe to say a beautiful, detailed white blouse is my "thing." Alina mentioned a while ago that her thing is slouchy sweatshirts and Leslie swears by classic striped shirts. Do you have a similar "uniform" piece in your closet?

Below, are some of my favorite white blouse options, from the affordable to the investment-worthy:


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.