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The Intimates Our Team Has Re-Bought a Million Times

And why everyone on our team loves this one bra.

Intimates are something that aren't often shared because they're, well, intimate. After years of struggling to find my right fit, between awkward dressing room fittings and picking style over quality, I finally feel confident in what I wear every day. I know what bra I reach for on an average day (which apparently is the same bra my entire team reaches for??), what I want to sleep in, and even what makes me feel confident and sexy. Here's every bra and thong our team swears by, plus a few requests for better sports bras. xEmily

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Everyday bra: Apparently, I am a bra influencer (which you'll soon see if you keep reading further in this post). After years of wearing ill-fitting bras, I finally found my true love, the Natori Feathers Bra ($68). Having a larger chest, this is the first bra I've ever owned that truly supports me without being dowdy. I love the lift you get from the cups, the fact that the straps never dig into my shoulders, and the little bit of lace that peaks through. 
Special occasion bra: The bra I usually put on anytime I want to feel a little sexy is actually no longer available, but the Natori Devotion Contour Underwire Demi Bra ($74) is the closest second-best I've come across. As pretty as a flimsy, lace bralette can be, it just doesn't make sense for my body type. I love how this bra is as supportive as it is pretty—it looks great peeking out of a cami or sweater for a special touch to any outfit.                       
Sports bra: For years I swore by the Ta-Ta Tamer from Lululemon, but since they've discontinued it, I've had to try out some of their other medium support bras. I like the Take Power Bra (now on sale for $59!) a lot, but am open to other suggestions that are closer to my original love!                                   
Thong: I used to buy really pretty, but totally impractical underwear. Once I switched over to these nude Commando thongs ($20), I never looked back. They're seamless, go perfectly undetected under anything, and never ride up or scrunch.
Sleeping underwear: I've been sleeping in the same Gap boyshorts ($7) for years since I get hot if I'm in anything else. These are so breathable and comfy; I buy them any time they're on sale.

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Everyday bra: After I was outed in this post for owning the same Victoria's Secret bras from high school, my mom called me to tell me she was taking me bra shopping. I tried on a million different styles, but ended up buying the same one Emily swears by, the Natori Feathers Bra ($68)! It's honestly the perfect bra—it's pretty, but functional and so comfortable. I own it in 'Black,' 'Cafe,' and 'Cosmetic,' as well as the strapless version which also offers great lift!
Special occasion bra: Natori Feathers still... sorry to this man
Sports bra: The vast majority of my sports bras are from my high school cross country days (plus a few survivors from middle school track and field...). I'm relatively small-chested (34C) and the elastic has survived well enough that I haven't seen the point in replacing them! That being said, I do have a few cuter bras like this one from Lululemon (now on sale for just $39!) in 'Moss Rose' that I pull out when I want something that looks cute with a tank, say for February Fitness month classes... ;) 
Thong: I used to have to dig through mismatched thongs to find the few neutral ones I preferred, but two years ago I replaced all of them with these lace thongs ($12.50) in my skin tone from American Eagle and it changed my life. Now my favorite thong is never at the bottom of a laundry bin! (In fact, I just ordered more while writing this post—highly recommend the 10 for $35 deal.) 
Sleeping underwear: I immediately change into these American Eagle Boyshorts ($9.50) and an old t-shirt the moment I get home! Not much to say about these other than the fact that they're extremely comfortable. 

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Everyday bra: The Natori Bliss Perfection (now on sale for $39.60!) was the bra I thought Emily was recommending when she was really referring to the Natori Feathers, but I do happen to prefer my fortunate mistake. The Bliss Perfection provides additional coverage and features less lace, so I see it as a more traditional everyday bra. I also happen to think it's the cream of the crop when it comes to being completely imperceptible underneath a white tee!
Special occasion bra: When I was studying abroad in Paris, one of my bucket list items was to purchase a single set of high-quality, French lingerie. I went to Galeries Lafayette and found a bra and boy shorts from Chantelle ($95) that were understated yet just risqué enough to make me feel like it was an upgrade from my regular rotation. 
Sports bra: I've been buying the Target Medium Support Seamless Bra ($16) for years, and currently own five in various colors. I wear them on weekends to the farmers market, but they also get me through the toughest workouts (though it's not super supportive if you have a bigger bust). They're constantly updating the material and cut to be more flattering, sweat-wicking, and comfortable, and you can't beat the price. 
Thong: I recently purged and replenished my underwear drawer with new nude thongs, and these Gap Lace ones have been a welcome addition. They're a great value for $8 per thong and a color that more similarly matches my skin tone than the (overpriced) Hanky Pankys I once swore by.
Sleeping underwear: Not ashamed to admit I also followed Emily's advice on these Gap boyshorts (but in highrise!) before I worked at cupcakes and cashmere, and now I won't sleep in anything else.

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Everyday bra: Another major fan of the Natori Bliss Perfection Underwire Contour Bra over here. I tried this on at Nordstrom a few months ago and decided to walk out without it, until I put on the old Victoria’s Secret bra I arrived in. The difference was so noticeable that I actually laughed at myself in the mirror before getting dressed, then begrudgingly dragged my feet over to the counter and spent the $68 I said I’d never spend on a bra. I will probably never wear any other bra again.
Special occasion bra: I mean… I feel pretty sexy in the Free People Skinny Strap Brami ($20) I guess, which I have in three colors. I wear it as a top in the summer (just at home) when it’s a million degrees and there’s no central A/C.
Sports bra: I don’t need a ton of support (32B), so I usually wear the Indy Sports Bra by Nike ($35) if I’m wearing a shirt over it, or the Live In Racerback Bra by Zella ($49) when I’m spinning. I love a longer sports bra that doubles as a shirt so I don’t feel as awkward if my at-home workout gets interrupted by an Amazon delivery person at my door (probably bringing me some books!!).
Thong: If I have to, the Women’s Laser Cut Thong from Target brand ‘Auden’ is $5.00 and what more could you want?
Sleeping underwear: There is no underwear I like more than the Stretch Cotton Lace-Waist Hiphuggers from Victoria’s Secret ($10.50, or 5 for $28.50), hands down, no competition. They’re super soft and comfortable, but the lace waistband keeps them from being full grandma. 

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Everyday bra: I was actually influenced years ago to buy the Natori Feathers bra by this post and have never looked back. This miracle bra does all the heavy lifting, without making me feel like a full-on granny. Anyone with a bigger chest knows just how rare that combination really is! I try to pick up one or two fresh ones each year at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale since I truly do wear one every. single. day. Can you tell that we really like this bra?!
Special occasion bra: My first set of "sexies" came from a Victoria Secret sale and were promptly stashed away in the depths of my underwear drawer out of fear that my mom or sister might find them. Truth is, they always made me feel uncomfortable and I never wore them once. I now own a few great pieces from Fenty Lingerie (I especially like this bra for $56) that make me feel (almost) as beautiful and confident as Rihanna. 
Sports bra: Honestly, every sports bra I have ever tried has failed me miserably. If anyone has a strong recommendation, I am all ears!
Thong: My college roommates and I used to group order these Aerie Lace Thongs every few months as a midterm season pick-me-up (s/o the aforementioned 6 for $25 deal!). They sit on my hips at the exactly right spot and are super breathable.
Sleeping underwear: I think I own about ten different variations of the Gap Stretch Cotton & Lace Bikini underwear ($4.99). They are unbelievably comfy and the lace detailing makes them feel a little less pre-teen section. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.