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You Already Have This Fool-Proof Fourth of July Outfit in Your Closet

This subtle, patriotic look is perfect for a picnic or the beach.
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I'll take any opportunity to celebrate a holiday, but between social, work, and personal obligations, I've hardly had any time to think about how we're spending this Fourth of July (though a comment on this Instagram post almost sent me to Cabo...). We'll likely find ourselves at a friend's backyard barbecue, enjoying the sunshine now that the layer of 'June gloom' has finally burned off. The one thing I do have figured out is the formula for what I'll be wearing. As much as I love the all-American celebration that comes with the Fourth, I prefer a slightly understated take on the head-to-toe flag motif, opting for a nod to, rather than a literal interpretation of, everything the day represents. As a result, some of my favorite Fourth of July outfits incorporate red, white, and blue in a more subtle way (like the stripes on this sweater, the red accent purse here, and blue gingham with red shades here). In this case, I paired a casual red dress with a denim jacket, and white slides.

This combination is quick, flattering, and likely already in your closet (in some form)! If not, here are some affordable finds that would look cute this Fourth, or any day: 

A bright, red dress that's casual and flirty. 
A light, boxy denim jacket.
Woven, white slides perfect for day and night. 
A wine-colored dress, made for backyard drinks. 
A traditional denim jacket to last you the whole year. 
An indulgent pair of summer sandals.
This red, mini dress will turn up the heat on your Fourth plans. 


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.