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I Combed Through Shopbop's 25% Off Sale to Find 16 Classic, Investment-Worthy Pieces

Plus what my team is buying...
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Anytime Shopbop has a sale, I set aside the better part of the evening to check it out. I placed a huge order last night to take advantage of the deals (which I'll share on social soon!) but also wanted to include some of the classic, smart pieces worth stocking up on anytime they're on sale. Here are the best investment pieces from the sale, including my all-time favorite white tee. Just don't forget to apply promo code SPRING at checkout to apply the tiered discount! 

1. A really good layering tank (was $110, now as low as $82.50): Theory makes some of my all-time favorite tank tops, primarily because the fabric is fitted, but lays flat against my stomach for a flattering, seamless look that works just as well tucked into pencil skirts as it does into jeans.  

2. Flattering and classic cut of black jeans (were $278, now as low as $208.50): I bought these jeans a while back on the spot when I saw them on a girl at a shoot. Because I wear them every day and receive compliments, I am using the sale as an excuse to buy them in black (in addition to the MOUSY VINTAGE Odessa Wide Straight Jeans and the Emerson Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans which I'll be trying on, but may return). 

3. A classic white tee (was $90, now as low as $67.50): Last fall, I tried on 10 white tees to find the best one, and the winner is on sale now (at a price that makes it much more reasonable than its full cost). This Madewell tee (was $20, now as low as $15) is also a fantastic option.

4. A cozy cashmere sweater (was $295, now as low as $221.25): Every woman should have a cashmere sweater in her closet, and I've long been a fan of Equipment's version. It's perfect with jeans, under a light jacket - or layered over a black lace bra for a slightly sexier dinner look. 

5. Faux leather jacket (was $150, now as low as $112.50): Faux leather jackets are consistently the bestselling pieces of my cupcakes and cashmere lines, and I personally think they're the best bang you can get for your buck—especially during a sale like this one. 

6. Matching sweatsuit from TheGreat. (was $410 for the top and bottom together, now as low as $307.50): I've been a huge fan of TheGreat.'s sweatsuits for years, but it's no secret that they're expensive. This sale is about as reasonably priced as they get, since they usually sell out before going on individual markdowns!

7. This cult classic blazer (was $349, now $261.75): This double-breasted blazer by Anine Bing is about as classic as it gets (here are a few other favorites). 

8. Bathing suit top you feel great in (was $95, now as low as $71.25): L*Space makes some of my favorite flattering and supportive bikini tops, thanks to the wide bra band. All of their styles are included in the sale if you're in the market for something else!

9. Sneakers that go with everything (were $70, now as low as $52.50): My feet are forever grateful that trends veered away from sky-high stilettos towards sneakers and skirt. These are a great, go-with-anything option that look way more luxe than their sub-$100 price tag.

10. A structured leather work tote (was $295, now as low as $221.25): Last summer, I splurged on a work tote for the first time and would recommend it to anyone. Having a sleek bag I can bring into the office (even if the inside is completely disorganized) makes me feel so pulled-together. 

11. Cute thongs (were $57 for a pack of three, now as low as $42.75): This is clearly one of the more practical items on this list, buuuut sales are a great time to buy underwear. I'm sure I'm not the only girl who has waited until my underwear is ratty and old to buy a new pair, but, it's the start of every outfit so you want it to be cute! These are both comfy and sexy. 

12. A versatile midi skirt (was $249, now as low as $186.75): I didn't discover the true joy of owning a versatile, silk midi until later in life, but I love how easy it is to throw on with almost anything on this list—add the layering tank, white sneakers, and denim jacket over it for a look that will work for any Saturday.

13. An outfit-making hair accessory (was $85, now as low as $63.75): I'm still riding the wave of hair accessories that feel fresh and fun, and this shell option is the perfect departure from last year's options that would still look so sleek with a classic up-do. 

14. White Oxford top (was $246, now as low as $184.50): There's a reason white oxfords are a thing—they're a crisp and polished addition to any wardrobe. 

15. Sandals you can walk for miles in (were $402, now as low as $301.50): I've seen these mules everywhere this summer and love the contrast of the boxed toe with the thin, delicate straps. I bought them in my own haul after wanting them for months, but nearly went for these at a fraction of the price!

16. A classic denim jacket (was $118, now as low as $88.50): Leslie and I have both owned multiple iterations of this jacket from Madewell, which is as good as it gets.

Aaand, because I'm clearly not the only one excited about this sale. Here's what the team is buying!

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1. Levi's Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans (were $98, now as low as $73.50): So here's the deal, I once said I would never wear jeans, but after a year and a half of living in California, I'm starting to get it. I always love the look of Levi's, since they're so effortlessly chic, but find they never have enough stretch for my proportions (I have a smaller waist than hips). After Raven swore to me that these won't make me feel like I'm suffocating in a casing of denim, I've decided to pull the trigger. While they're not necessarily pricey, I consider them an everyday investment that will hopefully work with my wardrobe (and fit, ha). 

2. APL TechLoom Breeze Sneakers (were $200, now as low as $150): Not going to lie- I've gotten pretty sporty over the past two months. I've even found myself doing two back-to-back Body by Simone classes simply because I was having fun. Working out this often requires more technical footwear than I currently own. So as much as I love my Alphabounces by Adidas, I really want to try out these all-white APLs. I've heard they're light, supportive, and really comfortable if you have a high arch. Hopefully, it will help with my dance moves as well. 

3. WeWoreWhat Danielle One Piece (was $225, now as low as $168.75): I want to be clear- $225 is absolutely a lot of money for a bathing suit and a price I would normally never pay unless I was indulging in what I see is a long term piece. I've been following Danielle on Instagram for years, and the second I saw this suit released in this fabric, I knew I needed to have it. The white print is perfect for a honeymoon, plus it will pair nicely with flowy shorts or a skirt for exploring different beach towns on my honeymoon.

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1. AGOLDE Reese Relaxed Cutoff Shorts (were $128, now as low as $96): I spend months curating my hearts on Shopbop awaiting this sale – and now I finally snagged some of the pieces I've been considering for quite some time (yes, I did purchase all three of my picks already and naturally, plan to do an unboxing when they arrive!). I've honestly been fighting off the urge to purchase every style of AGOLDE in existence, but since the weather is warming up in LA, I've decides to shift my focus to denim shorts. Really appreciate that mid-thigh length is in, so naturally, these were the first item in my cart.

2. BY FAR Sofia Booties (were $578, now as low as $433.50): The hunt for a pair of nude booties has been struggle. It feels like a staple that I can't find anywhere, and I think these might be worth the investment. I'm a huge fan of BY FAR's styles, but I've never owned a pair, so I was excited to see these were added to Shopbop within a week of the sale.

3. Agua by Agua Bendita Nativa One Piece (was $250, now as low as $187.50): Have you ever seen a more beautiful bathing suit in your life?! Me either. This has been in my hearts since November, and I can now feel justified in my purchase since I've waited so long, and still love it just as much.

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1. Swedish Hasbeens Katja High Clogs (were $260, now as low as $195): If I needed a new pair of Swedish Hasbeens, I would swoop these up in a hot second. I ADORE my Swedish Hasbeens–I have the Kringlan, which I got for 50% off directly from the brand two summers ago. They are truly excellent quality and I would recommend them to anyone!

2. AGOLDE Nico High Rise Slim Fit (was $158, now as low as $118.50): On a normal day, I'll buy the Levi's Wedgie Straight Jeans which are under $100 and absolutely fabulous. If I'm looking to invest, I'll always grab a pair of AGOLDE jeans. I'm newly obsessed with the Ripley (thanks Jess), but this time I'm looking to replace my old pair of Nicos that are a little worn out from so much wear. They're the perfect not quite skinny, not quite straight leg jeans that I can wear with pretty much everything in my closet.

3. Steven Ophelia Slides (were $101, now as low as $75.75): I can already picture myself wearing these two-inch slides in pretty much every #OOTD photo on Instagram this spring and summer, #sorrynotsorry. I showed them to Jess and she said, "Oh wow. Those are so YOU" and I couldn't agree more.

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1. Theory Wendel Sleeveless Sweater (was $130, now as low as $97.50): While I like to think of myself as a pretty discerning shopper, there are a few select items I've purchased solely because the internet told me to do so. Some of these impulse buys have certainly turned out better than others, but this top, recommended by none other than Emily Schuman circa 2015, has repeatedly served me well through the years. I feel just as great wearing it under a blazer for an interview as I do with loose overalls and sandals for a Sunday farmer's market outing. I have been waiting for the right moment to purchase her in white, and, as they say, there is no time like the present!

2. Swedish Hasbeens Slip In Classic Clogs (were $280, now as low as $210): In a harmonious wavelength turn of events, Kelly and I somehow scrolled through the 3755 pairs of shoes currently on sale and landed on the same page! Well, same same, but a smidge different. While I am fully on board for a Dansko clog moment (if these zebra clogs are wrong, I don't want to be right), I like that the Hasbeens lean a bit more feminine. 

3. Unfortunate Portrait 'Ride Cher' T-Shirt (was $78, now as low as $58.50): I have been following Unfortunate Portrait for years and am the proud owner of the the 'Win-Win' tee. These shirts definitely make a statement (no pun intended), and I am stoked to add this Cher piece to my small, but mighty, collection. I mean, it's Cher. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.