The Best Accessory For a Neutral Outfit

And one of the biggest assumptions made about me...
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Since I'm such an avid fan of cats, I think people sometimes assume that I'm not much of a dog person. It couldn't be further from the truth though, which is why I'm thrilled to get to spend so much time with our office dog, Alexa, every day of the work week. She belongs to our Marketing Manager, Kelly, and lets us get in all the cuddles and quality time, but without the extra burden (Rocco, Cali, and Luna keep our hands plenty full at home). Last week when I came into the office in a black and white outfit (including one of my favorite wrap tops with dramatic sleeves), our office agreed that I was channeling our office Husky. So naturally I tagged along on one of her walks so that Alexa could serve as my cutest accessory to date.