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Sweat Not


Getting dressed for work in the morning is pretty easy. I've got my routine down, and since the environment isn't too corporate, as long as my jeans aren't ripped, and my hair looks like it's been brushed, I'm good to go. Weekends are a different story. In L.A., you're supposed to look chic, but come across as though you've simply rolled out of bed and put no effort into your appearance. Until I nail that, I'll have to rely on comfy, but stylish basics like MK2K's

Half Zip Hoodie

. It can just as easily be worn with jeans and heels as with yoga pants and flip-flops (my preference), but with an armful of bangles, styled hair made to look like it hasn't been touched, and lots of 'natural looking' make-up, I'll look the part in no time.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links