Spotlight On: Puffer Jackets

Praying for snow just so we can wear these.
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The '90s are calling and they're back with a trend you probably never thought you'd see in high fashion. Much like sneakers, beanies, and jerseys, these puffer jackets have a counter-culture streetwear aesthetic to them that's a little edgy. But in a certain context—with a striped t-shirt and corduroy pant—they almost take on an East Coast, preppy vibe. Their versatility and cool-girl look explains why we've been seeing them everywhere—there are countless options at on-trend spots like Zara, Top Shop, and Asos right now, and you know when Gigi Hadid wears something, it's officially mainstream. The new wave of puffer jackets, are, unsurprisingly, more about fashion than functionality–rather than being a warm layer you'd wear to legitimately ski (or weather a winter in Boston), they're a high-impact statement in fresh color ways (metallic silver, frosty pink, matte green) with cool silhouettes. We've collected a few of our favorite options this season, below: 

Image sources: 1, 2

Image sources: 1, 2

Puffy Jackets Market Roundup.png

1. Dusty Rose Jacket ($343)
2. Blue Plaid Penfield ($235)
3. Metallic Green Coat ($395)
4. Hooded Green Jacket ($129)
5. Metallic Jacket ($99)
6. Pink Puffer Jacket ($210)
7. Camel Anorak ($189)
8. Linear Combat Jacket ($98)
9. Oversized Black Jacket ($136)
10. Hooded Red Jacket ($69)