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Spotlight On: Mini Bags

15 bags that will make you rethink your carry-all.
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Trends are often born out of a need—puffer jackets for (mild) winter warmth, wide leg pants for ease of styling, and vintage sweatshirts for comfort. Whenever form and function meet, it's a win-win—and this is exactly the case for mini bags. Even smaller than an average cross-body and most clutches, they're easy to carry and force you to pare down to the bare minimum: a tube a lipstick, phone, and wallet. Since they're small and almost always have a cross-body strap, they're the ideal accessory for a night out or a day exploring a city. Here are a few of our favorite picks:

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1. Envelope Bag ($330, on sale)
2. Mini Saddle Bag ($295)
3. Mini Accordion Bag ($480)
4. Bonsai Bucket Bag ($360)
5. Tiny Ring Box ($366)
6. Mini Bucket Bag ($395)
7. Suede Ring Crossbody ($49)
8. Zac Posen Cross Body ($295)
9. Dusty Pink Nano Bag ($241)
10. Tiny Shearling Bag ($208, on sale)
11. Split Suede Bag ($49)
12. Mini Cross Body ($375)
13. Biker Cross Body Bag ($450)
14. Crocodile Bag ($289)
15. Pink Mini Bucket Bag ($22)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links