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Silk Standard (With a Twist)

With a cherry on top.
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There's something so nostalgic about visiting an old diner. I recently visited one of my favorite older diners in Los Angeles, which still has menus painted on the walls from the 1940s (when a beer was 20 cents). I ordered a vanilla milkshake, naturally, while we snapped photos of what I'm now considering a fail-proof fall combination: a silky blouse and camel coat (see some behind the scenes here). I love the look of the smooth, luxe fabric against the dark camel, especially with distressed jeans which keeps the entire outfit from appearing too serious. 

I also wanted to thank you all for the reaction to our Shop launch this morning! Our incredible team has been working tirelessly on the revamp and we're thrilled with the enthusiasm you've shared. It's truly been, as they say, the cherry on top. x


Shot at the Nickel Diner in Downtown L.A. 

Products in this post may contain affiliate links