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Shoe Envy

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My loyal readers can attest that I'm a huge fan of Forever 21, especially when it comes to accessorizing. I figure that this way, I can save up for more classic staples and not feel bad about spending money on such trendy pieces. This works in theory, but I have yet to stick to a budget that allows for any extravagant purchases due to my lack of discipline. I think if I set my eye on the prize ahead of time, I'll make smarter decisions so that when it comes time to whip out my wallet, there will be no hesitations (or credit card debt). I've included three shoes, all of which would play a pivotal part in my wardrobe, yet for entirely different reasons. I've picked a casual classic heel, a pair for work and then a great shoe for parties. I almost always opt for the cheaper alternative when it comes to ridiculously expensive shoes, but there's no denying the incredible construction of these Christian Louboutinsomewhere pumps. Even from Barney's website, you can clearly make out the rich, Nappa leather and its seductive curves. Plus, in a deep camel color, these would literally add some much needed inches to my legs and a dose of glamor to every outfit. My mom would seriously cringe if she read this, but for a pair of Manolos, this leather pump is relatively reasonable for $555. Whether worn with a pencil skirt or some dark denim, these would make the process of getting dressed for work all the more enjoyable. Carrie Bradshaw revolutionized the term 'strappy sandal,' but I couldn't help but fall for these Pradascalloped peep toe pumps for my ideal evening shoe. They're sturdy enough to go dancing, but the delicate details at both the toe and the heel make these unbelievably feminine. What are your thoughts on breaking the bank for a pair of shoes?


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.