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Ready in White

The perfect jumpsuit for brides-to-be (and everyone else).

One thing I didn't expect in my own wedding was how much I'd relish the entire experience of being a bride. As someone who doesn't love being the center of attention, I downplayed the importance of being a bride in the days leading up to the ceremony - namely, avoiding white until the morning I put on my dress. But then, all the self-conscious thoughts melted away as I began to truly love and embrace my final moments of being a fiancé, then a bride, then a newlywed. One thing I wish I'd worn more of leading up to my wedding was white, which occurred to me a few weeks back when I posted a Story in this jumpsuit and was instantly inundated with questions from brides-to-be on where to find it—though I'd just as quickly wear it to brunch! 


Products in this post may contain affiliate links