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Platform Perfection

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Since the launch of the U.S. TopShop website, I've been checking it with unhealthy regularity. Not only is it all wonderfully organized, but I simply can't get enough of the sheer blouses, ruffled dresses and eclectic accessories. Most importantly however, is their abundant selection of platform heels, which I've found is the key to wearing a substantially high shoe.



Angel Fringe Front Ankle Boot

, $160

. This is the ultimate shoe combining fringe, peep-toe and chunky soles seamlessly.


Samba Peep Toe Shoe

, $135. The cut-out detailing on these booties is superb. 3.

Perth Premium Stiletto Boot

, $210. The shape of these booties is classic and sleek, updated with an edgy buckle. 4.

Swallow Tie Platform Shoe

, $145

. I love the sexy spin on these oxford-inspired heels that have an incredibly subtle yellow piping along the bottom.


Regal Studded Platform Sandal

, $135. The versatility of these black and gold stunners is never ending, but I'd most likely save them for cocktail parties. 6.

Peridot Premium Lace Up Boot

, $200. These lace-up boots look like they'd have serious traction for walking around all day while still looking preppy and seductive all at the same time.  

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.