How to Prep Your Wardrobe for Fall with Headbands

Without looking like Blair Waldorf...
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Around this time of year in Los Angeles—when there are still days that hit 100° F—it's hard to remember what cooler weather even feels like. But now that we're halfway through August, it finally feels like fall's around the corner. Because we have air conditioning in the office, I've taken to wearing oversized sweaters when I can get away with it, but an easy (temperature-friendly) way to begin transitioning into a fall wardrobe is with sleek silk headbands, in muted colors (that feel a little less Blair Waldorf than some of my past selections), like this Jennifer Behr optionHere are some of my favorite (chic, understated) headbands for fall:

How to Prep Your Wardrobe for Fall with Headbands _Graphic

1. Gold Foil Headband ($145)
2. Top Knot Headband ($14)
3. Velvet Knot Headband ($145)
4. Silky Square Scarf ($18)
5. Olive Silk Turban ($198)
6. Embellished Chambray Headband ($55)
7. Crystal Studded Headband ($170)
8. Burgundy Turban ($9)
9. Poppy Headscarf ($92)
10. Velours Motifs Headband ($156)