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Our Top 9 Picks From The Shop Relaunch (And Why We Think You’ll Want Them Too)

Consider this our wishlist...

Okay, so we may be a bit biased... but we love our Shop. And despite the fact that we each have distinctly different styles that run the gamut from tomboy to unapologetically feminine, we all regularly arrive to the office wearing items from the Shop (working at cupcakes and cashmere has its perks, including early access to collections!). Here are each of the pieces we're wearing nonstop—or coveting—now: 


I'm a sucker for a duster coat, and this one is no exception. The built-in belt means it's fitted in all the right places, plus it feels both preppy and modern at the same time. It's already one of the most popular coats on the site, and I think a big part of that is the hand—it's soft while still feeling tailored, and pairs just as well with a leather mini as it does dark skinny jeans and a kitten-heeled bootie.

Why I love it: No matter what you're wearing underneath, this coat has the ability to instantly transform your entire look. I also appreciate how, with a few simple accessories (like a chunky earring) it can take on a completely different vibe.
Where I plan to wear it: To work, brunch with girlfriends, or for an afternoon of shopping.
How I'm planning on styling it: Besides over classic staples, I'm also excited to experiment with a tan-on-tan moment, utilizing a leather skirt


So, I had a really hard time picking just one thing. I love the Rima sweater tank with high-rise skinny jeans and booties for after-work beers, just bought the oversized Gearheart sweater for Thanksgiving weekend ('oversized' being the key term here—it allows for plenty of turkey room, but is still extremely cute!), and fell in love with the Darby sweater at first sight. But maybe I'm just in a cozy mood right now, because because my final answer would have to be this Sundry rainbow set!

Why I love it: It's hard not to smile when you first see these sweats—the touch of rainbow feels so unexpected and playful. It makes me feel like a kid, but isn't over-the-top. Since buying them, I fantasize about slipping into them as soon as I get home. They're easily my favorite pair of sweats, and they're s-o-f-t, soft! 
Where I plan to wear it: Curled up on my couch with a book after dinner, or the newspaper on a Sunday morning—and then straight to the farmers market, swapping out the sweatshirt for a tank and denim jacket with sneakers. It's cute enough to wear out! 
How I'm planning on styling it: With a blanket and a glass of red wine... 
Who else would love these sweats? Anyone who loves getting cozy—I also love that they'd look cute on any age. I just bought a pair for my mom, but can also see a preteen digging the rainbow! 


As a mom to a toddler, I generally keep my day-to-day look fairly simple. My go-to for a day at the office are jeans or skinny tailored pants—both of which would go perfectly with this structured Thea blouse. Plus, the detailing on the sleeve and the fact that it's a button-down definitely elevates the look. 

Why I love it: I love the color, plus it's an excellent transition piece from day to night.
Where I plan to wear it: A day in the office and then off to a dinner date with my husband!
How I'm planning on styling it: With our Donny High-Waisted Black Skinny Jean and some booties. I'll probably throw on some simple Tai ear climbers during the day and a neutral lip, then switch them out for classic hoops and a touch-up of bright berry lipstick, plus the Violetta Coat, for date night.
Who else would love it? Anyone looking for an easy, comfortable top or a pop of fall color!


I'm always a fan of one-piece outfits like dresses and jumpsuits (the less I have to think first thing in the morning, the better!), but the little details in this Lesli dress caught my eye. The pattern is feminine and floral, the ruffles are flattering, and the length makes it a perfect day-to-night dress. Plus, it's so versatile—I can wear it with sneakers (my go-to), black booties or a heel. Win, win, win!

Why I love it: I tend to buy neutral colors, but this dress makes me want to branch out of my comfort zone. It's playful yet sophisticated and easy to dress up or down.
Where I plan to wear it: The office, a date night, brunch. All of the places.
How I'm planning on styling it: With black mules or bright white sneakers.
Who else would love it? The girl who doesn't want to awkwardly change in the work bathroom for drinks with her friends on a Friday night.


The piece I’m probably going to buy and wear the most is the Krista Sweater by ASTR—it’s soft, fuzzy, white, and cropped (why not!). However, in the interest of being a little more exciting and pushing myself outside my comfort zone, I’m going to say: the Benny Striped Top by Heartloom! I’ve always been a stripe-lover, and this color palette is definitely giving me heart eyes.

Why I love it: I own nothing even remotely like this (it falls into that category of things I would love if I saw it on someone else, but wouldn't actually buy for myself—until now). This shirt looks like it could maybe pass for pajamas, and is super silky soft (V important!), so I’m actually excited to give it a try.
Where I plan to wear it: To work, probably! I can't see myself wearing this out to drinks or dinner (collared shirts have just never been my thing). Not yet, at least. 
How I'm planning on styling it: Probably tucked into my favorite vintage-style jeans, paired with a blotted berry lip, a tan knotted belt I just bought from Madewell, my favorite gold necklace with a vintage ring on it, and my trusty Kringlan Swedish Hasbeens. Depending on how unruly my hair is being that day, I’ll either do my usual slept-on waves or a loose topknot. I don’t know why I keep picturing this top with those big hipster glasses and a red lip (hi, Jenna Lyons).
Who else would love it? I think anyone who wakes up on a Monday and would rather stay in their pajamas than go to work might love this top (so like… everyone…???)


Okay, so I probably have enough raglan baseball shirts in my wardrobe, but I am always open to more variations on this style—like the velvet (!) sleeves on this Ferris Blouse.

Why I love it: I love the vintage look of a raglan, and I own several baseball tees, but the velvet sleeves are a feature I haven't seen before! The fit of this piece is great, too. Even though it's on the boxier side, it's super flattering and comfortable.
Where I plan to wear it: Drinks or dinner with friends, the movies, holiday shopping, or to work on a casual Friday.
How I'm planning on styling it: This is the perfect high-low piece—just tuck this into high-waisted jeans with strappy heels and sparkly earrings, and you're good to go. It's also substantially warm, so you may not even need a jacket to go over it.
Who else would love it? Someone who is constantly busy or moving around, because this piece looks cute and stylish, while being comfortable and not over-the-top dressy.


Jumpsuits are a personal favorite, and the grey plaid pattern on this one is on-trend without being too trendy, meaning this will be a closet staple for a looong time.

Why I love it: I was initially drawn to the print, but I also love the fit—it's feminine and flattering, which means I can dress it up or down easily!
Where I plan to wear it: This is a perfect day-to-night outfit. I’d wear it out with a friend for a daytime get-together, then throw on a blazer to take it into evening cocktails.
How I'm planning on styling it: This jumpsuit gives me 90s vibes in the best way possible. I'm inspired to pair it with a chic white sneaker or low-top Converse, classic black leather jacket, rattan clutch, and a bright red lip. For evening, I'd throw on a tuxedo jacket and some black heeled mules—but keep the red lip!
Who else would love these? Someone who is all about comfort and details! I love the lightweight material and silhouette.


It was really hard for me to pick one thing (I was between this and the Carrisa Jumpsuit!), but having too many options is never a bad thing when it comes to your wardrobe!

Why I love it: This is the next best thing to being wrapped in a cozy blanket all the time. The best part? The fit is elongating and polished so it doesn't look like you're still in PJs at noon. 
Where I plan to wear it: Everywhere—out to run errands, to class, to dinner... it has a permanent spot in my weekly wardrobe rotation. 
How I'm planning on styling it: It doesn't get cold enough to layer in LA so I'd pair this cardigan with a simple white tank top, distressed jeans (I love these from Mother), and layered gold jewelry (I guess this counts as fall layering!). For a relaxing night in, I'd change into comfy sweats, and leave everything else the same...
Who else would love this cardigan? Anyone looking for a sweater to wear 24/7, year-round. (I'd wear cutoffs and a boxy tee and bring this to a summer picnic at the beach!)


Picking just one item from our collection is not easy, but, when it came down to it, I loved the structure and eye-popping color of the Barrington Blazer. It's perfect for any season or time of day.

Why I love it: I love it because it's slightly oversized and can dress up a super casual outfit.
Where I plan to wear it: To work and out to dinner with friends!
How I'm planning on styling it: I am notorious for styling at least 90% of my outfits with sneakers. Since this is a pretty classy looking blazer, I would double roll the sleeves and style it down with a black t-shirt, distressed black or dark denim, and a pair of ivory chucks.
Who else would love these? I feel like this blazer is really versatile and can work for any style! I like to wear it to work with jeans and plan on also wearing it to an event with a simple black mini dress and strappy sandals

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.