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Our Team's Approach to Loungewear (And Why Sexy Lacy Sets Are Over-Rated)

Comfort is key.
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So many of us have that picture-perfect pair of pajamas. The kind that are 90% lace and give the impression that everything in our life is elevated, even down to what we watch T.V. in. Truthfully, though, we almost never reach for those pajamas. When it comes to loungewear, comfort is key, and our team isn't willing to sacrifice our ideal lounging situation for anything. Read on for our loungewear picks, from Kelly's Lululemon obsession to Leslie's Lunya sets: 


I take my loungewear game seriously, which explains why I own more pajamas and sweatsuits than anything else. My collection has transitioned over the years (less slinky negligee, more versatile sets), but here are the pieces I'm excited to wear anytime I'm not outside of the house.

As soon as I get home, I throw on: I'm rarely home for more than a few minutes before I change out of whatever I had on and into a pair of matching sweats. I always choose lightweight options that are super comfortable but that are still, in the off-chance I have to leave again, cute enough to wear with little slides or simple kicks. These by The Great are an investment, but they're truly the best and only get better the more you wear them.
First thing in the morning, I throw on: In the morning I'm usually in the same sweats from the night before. I cuddle with Sloan, have my coffee, and then usually wear them out while taking her to school (unless I have an early morning meeting). 
My go-to that's cute enough to wear outside: On weekend mornings, I'm typically in a a drop-crotch sweatpant with a half-zip fleece or Varley leggings and a cropped sweatshirt
Favorite cold-weather loungewear: A fluffy, spa-inspired robe. This one by Parachute makes me feel like I'm walking around wrapped in my favorite blanket. I tend to run hot and this robe keeps me comfortable without feeling overheated.
Favorite warm-weather loungewear: A super-thin robe. I love the ones by The Great, which don't wrinkle. They feel lovely against the skin, and are really flattering.
Go-To Lounge Intimates: I have a pretty extensive collection of little nightgowns. They're more flirty than overtly sexy, but I slip them on anytime I want to feel more pulled together while doing a face mask or answering emails. The ones by Eberjey are great, as are those by Fleur'T.
sleep in... Every night I wear a pair of boyshorts (I get hot if I wear anything else). I own seven of the exact same pair from the GAP that I buy in a size up and they're so soft and stretchy that I forget they're even on. If GAP ever stops selling this exact same style, I'm going to have a major issue.


A few months ago, I took a good look at my "loungewear collection," which consisted of boxers with lobsters wearing mittens on them (my mom kills it on the Christmas gifts) and bright purple sweatpants I bought for a sleepover in sixth grade. I don't even need to tell you they have "PINK" written across the butt. They feel like heaven, but they're also stained and strained with fifteen years' worth of wear. There's for sure an element of nostalgia there, but I took my own advice and traded them out for some basics I'm truly excited to slip into (though I'll never stop sleeping in Jonah's t-shirts). 

As soon as I get home, I throw on: Inspired by Emily's penchant for matching sets, I just bought this Spiritual Gangster striped top and bottoms. Love. 
First thing in the morning, I throw on: If I plan on walking, I'll throw on Lululemon leggings and a black long-sleeve. If I'm showering first thing, I'll put on this $15 waffle bathrobe to wear as I go about my morning routine (remember when I wrote about the robe here?).
My go-to that's cute enough to wear outside: On the weekends, I live in Lululemon leggings with a black tank and my favorite denim jacket. I'm usually at the farmers market or hiking, so why bother wearing anything else? 
Favorite cold-weather loungewear: Same answer as above! This Spiritual Gangster striped top and bottoms
Favorite warm-weather loungewear: Lunya makes some truly beautiful sleepwear—I love their washable silk sets in the summer (especially because we don't have A/C and it can get up to 110° F inside our house by the end of the day). 
Go-To Lounge Intimates: I love the organic bra and underwear sets from Brook There, but they're expensive so I've only invested in one set that I pull out for "special occasions," a.k.a, an indulgent Sunday of lounging. Otherwise, I'm in Aerie's "Real Me" Bralettes, which offer minimal support but are the next best thing to going braless (actually, I'd argue that they're even more comfortable). 
I sleep in... Even though I wear a matching set while making dinner and hanging out at home in the evening, I always change into an over-sized tee (usually one I've swiped from Jonah) and these boyshorts to sleep. 


This post really spoke to me because I have the perfect silk pajamas, and I never wear them. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to evoke the sort of life where I lounge in silk, drinking wine and reading, but the reality is that I never reach for them. They're too short and too fancy to change into after a long day at work. Instead, I'm obsessed with my over-sized, monogrammed terry cloth robe and other affordable buys. Paired with my slides and headband (for efficient face masking), I'm transported to a spa where Gossip Girl is on the television and dinner is served on the couch. 

As soon as I get home, I throw on: My terry cloth robe, instantly.
First thing in the morning, I throw on: I'm a late sleeper so I typically change straight into my work clothes during the workweek. For weekends, I wear a light, mini robe that's super soft and perfect for making coffee and reading magazines in. 
My go-to that's cute enough to wear outside: I've always had a hard time finding sets that work for me since I have incredibly short legs and torso. I love this super affordable matching, petite set from ASOS since it's equal parts chic and flattering (top and bottom). 
Favorite cold-weather loungewear: "Winter" in L.A. is hot, and I will never change my opinion on that, so my "cold weather" loungewear is typically a robe. If I'm visiting family on the East Coast, I revert back to my college days and wear my university "groutfit."
Favorite warm-weather loungewear: Another ASOS robe. I firmly believe loungewear should be cheap and cute, and ASOS has totally mastered it with this midi, satin option. 
Go-To Lounge Intimates: I recently bought this set from Free People (top and bottom), and I'm obsessed with the fabric. 
I sleep in... a Topshop slip or an old college t-shirt, depending on how glamorous I'm feeling.


Like Leslie, I'm all about the Lululemon loungewear and my fiancé's t-shirts, throwing on a puffy jacket for walks with Alexa in the morning. 

As soon as I get home, I throw on: Navy or burgundy Lululemon 'Align' leggings and a super soft data science shirt I designed for my fiance's consulting company (through a company called Palmercash; highly recommend if you're in the market for custom t-shirts).
First thing in the morning, I throw on: TBH, I walk Alexa in whatever I wore to bed (complete with bed hair), Puma slides, and a puffy jacket with pockets for my keys and phone.
My go-to that's cute enough to wear outside: Is it bad that my answer (again) is Lululemon? Alfie is a Lululemon superfan; he bought me a crazy printed pair of leggings similar to these that have pockets, and I wear them more than I should. I also have this tank in three colors...
Favorite cold-weather loungewear: Yeah, it's still Lululemon on bottom, but my favorite soft sweater is actually from Athleta! (If you're looking for soft, skip everywhere else and head straight to Athleta, I promise.)
Favorite warm-weather loungewear: Alfie bought us matching Chubbies lounge shorts, ain't he cute?
Go-To Lounge Intimates: I kinda hate wearing a bra in the summer, so I have this 'Brami' from Free People in three colors. I wear it alone in the summer (not out of the house though...), or under other tops the rest of the year.
I sleep in: The aforementioned Lululemon 'Align' leggings and either my data science shirt or a NASA t-shirt I bought on Amazon. Space is cool.


If I'm being completely transparent, I'm in some form of loungewear more often than not. Whether it's a basic tank paired with distressed jeans or a boxy tee and joggers, I prefer wearing casual loungewear to structured pieces. My personal style is simple and classic, and I tend to wear exclusively black, white, grey, or tan. This also applies to my loungewear collection, which I'm always adding to, since it's what I reach for most often. 

As soon as I get home, I throw on: A black or white tank top (usually one from HanroVelvet, or Joah Brown), my favorite Alternative Apparel fleece joggers, and my Ugg slippers
First thing in the morning, I throw on: A cropped tank top and my trusty college sweatpants.
My go-to that's cute enough to wear outside: A significant portion of the tops I own and wear on a daily basis are soft, cotton tanks or tees that pair well with everything. My favorites are this distressed tee (which I own in black and camo), this J.Crew camisole, and this AGOLDE cropped tank, which is a both a wardrobe and loungewear staple.
Favorite cold-weather loungewear: I'm perpetually cold so layers are absolutely essential. I start with a classic tank, then put on a thermal long sleeve, a pullover fleece sweatshirt, and sweats. (And my Ugg slippers, of course.)
Favorite warm-weather loungewear: For summer, I love this navy set that's cute enough to wear all morning for a lazy brunch at home.
Go-To Lounge Intimates: Calvin Klein bralettes, black Hanky Panky boy shortsJoah Brown longline bras.
I sleep in... an XL t-shirt and boy shorts.

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.