My Workout Uniform

The one tip that makes dressing to workout easier.

I have a long history of not caring about what I wear to workout and prioritizing ease over looking good during squat jumps. In high school, I'd wear basketball shorts and an over-sized tee to class all day, just so I didn't have to change before track practice. When I recently started taking dance classes—and realized that my high school athletic clothes, while comfortable, didn't look the best when reflected in the classroom's floor-to-ceiling mirrors—I set out to find a new workout uniform. 

At first, I thought I had to wear what everyone else was wearing (cropped Lululemon leggings, a form-fitting spandex tank, and brightly-colored running shoes) but I quickly discovered that the colorful look didn't quite click for me and wasn't the most flattering. It took some trial and error, but I finally discovered that the trick to finding a workout uniform is applying the same silhouette that's most flattering in your regular clothes to your workout clothes. For me, this means high-waisted pants, and cropped, flared tops (as you can see in past outfit posts here and here). Here's how I pieced together my workout uniform:

Top: I apply the same rules of balanced proportions to my workout clothes that I do to my regular clothes: since my leggings are skin-tight, the boxier the top, the better. I often opt for cropped tops since my pants are high-waisted, which helps create the illusion that my legs and torso are longer than they are. 

Sports Bra: If you have a larger bust, it may be worth investing in a few good sports bras. For years, I doubled-up on cheap bras, which felt constricting and didn't entirely work anyways. Now I buy black sports bras from Lululemon that I can layer under my white boxy shirts.

Pants: I find that full-length, high-waisted legs best elongate my legs. I recently discovered the Nordstrom-exclusive brand Zella through my best friend Cristina and it's become my go-to for leggings. They fit really well, are super soft, and hold up nicely to washing, unlike a lot of athleisure fabrics, which pill easily.

Shoes and socks: Most of the women in my dance class have brightly-colored running shoes, but it's important to wear whatever you're comfortable in. In my case, that means black Nikes, which create a streamlined silhouette with my black yoga pants. I also have several pairs of good, slip-proof socks, since there is nothing more frustrating than pulling the back of your socks up all class long.

Sweatshirt: I've fully embraced the workout culture of going out to brunch after class on Sunday, so I keep a casual sweatshirt in my bag that I can throw over my outfit. I like that this one is casual enough to throw over my leggings, but has a fun moment with the upside-down "Los Angeles." I also always keep my hair up in a messy top knot, which keeps it out of my face during class and transitions well to after-class plans.

Here are some of my workout uniform essentials:

workout wear 2hero

P.S., Now that I've been doing these dance workouts, I'd love to hear if you have any questions for me about my workout routine. Comment below!