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My Go-To Summer Bra

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One of the most frequently-asked questions I’ve gotten in eight years of blogging is: what’s your favorite bra? It’s clearly a topic that’s top of mind for many women, especially those with a larger chest size like myself. I've talked about the Natori Feathers for years and it's unquestionably my favorite bra.  I discovered it during a standard fitting, which isn't one of the most fun things to do. I tried around 30 bras before the salesperson helping me eventually suggested the Feathers. I’ve recommended it to everyone because it lifts and supports without making you feel like you’re wearing a harness. It’s comfortable, sexy, and wearable, but not utilitarian.

Because of my love for the original design, I was excited to discover Natori’s new wireless convertible bra, which came out just in time for light summer dressing. This version of the Feathers bra is the sweet, streamlined sister of the original. The challenge with a big bust is that when you’re wearing a relaxed bra, the straps can start to strain. The analogy I give is it’s like dental floss digging into your shoulders, which just sucks. What I like about this updated version is the straps don't dig in - it’s so soft, seamless, and incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Best yet, it’s simply stunning. The look is feminine and seductive, and it comes in a few versatile colors. Here are my favorite ways to wear each: 


I love seeing a pretty glimpse of the nude lace peeking out from a sleeveless top. It instantly elevates a basic tank, for a look that’s flirty without trying hard.


Because the black version feels a little bit more formal, I like wearing it with a lower cut blouse. I’ve been embracing more of the intentional visible bra look, where it’s meant to be seen, and a black lace bra under a white blouse is a classic combination.  


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.