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My Five Favorite Bras

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Women readily share certain secrets amongst themselves - their favorite shade of lipstick, the best way to curl hair or the ultimate cheap frill. But for some reason (at least within my group of friends), we rarely broach the subject of bras. Perhaps it's just a slightly uncomfortable subject or because we all have different needs, ranging from support (um, hi) to adding a cup size. Regardless, it's something that I'm curious about, so I figured I'd share my five favorite bras.


Natori 'Feathers' Underwire BraFinding the right nude bra took me years. It's not to say that I went braless during that search, but I never felt like I had the appropriate thing to wear under pieces that were semi-sheer or white. This is a great everyday bra, since it can work under a variety of clothing, but the lace trim keeps it from feeling too plain.


Elle Macpherson 'Dentelle' Contour BraWearing sexy lingerie underneath regular clothes (not just your slinkiest dress) feels like your own little secret. I'm a fan of all of Elle Macpherson's bras, but this particular one is an updated take on a vintage style that's modern enough to wear on a daily basis.


Lululemon 'Ta Ta Tamer' BraUp until last year, I was still using my sports bras from college and I graduated from college nine years ago. I would simply double up on my sad, stretched out "sports bras" and hope for the best. After buying this piece, I'm happy to report that I now only wear one at a time and even throw it on under some of my looser-fitting pieces like oversized sweaters and sweatshirts.


Cosabella 'Never say Never' Sweetie Soft BraWhile a lace bra doesn't offer tons of support, I do occasionally like the look of one peeking out from under tank top. Since it's meant to be noticed, I'm all about wearing an eye catching bright shade, under something simple and slouchy.


Wacoal 'Red Carpet' Convertible Strapless BraI had never had much luck with strapless bras until I found this one. While it's not the most seductive-looking option, it stays up (something I didn't realize was possible) and is remarkably comfortable. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.