My Boyfriend's Back

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As a child, one of the worst insults is to be called a nerd. Well, at least it was for me (looking back, my massive retainer, uni-brow and baseball hat didn't help matters much). Oddly enough, dorky chic has somehow evolved into an up and coming fad as seen






(notice that the glasses are sold out!). Since my vision is nearly perfect, I won't be sporting any plastic lenses, but will be relying on boyfriend cardigans, inspired by the timeless

Mister Rogers

. 1.

Cashmere Keepsake Cardigan, J.Crew

: $188 2.

Grosbee Cardigan

, Paul & Joe Sister:



Color Block Cardigan

, Old Navy: $25 4.

Men's Prep Stripe Cardigan

, Fred Flare: $66 5.

Eliana Boyfriend Cardigan

, dELiAs: $49.50 6.

Boiled Cut Away Cardigan

, James Perse: $475 7.

Gwyneth Cardigan

, Theory:


Tune in this weekend when I'll be posting some fun pictures from a little excursion planned for tomorrow!