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MTV Movie Awards: Recap

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While I typically adhere to the policy that less is more when it comes to my blog, there are certainly times when a thorough write-up is necessary. This is one of those times. As I mentioned yesterday, I found out with very little notice that my boyfriend got an extra ticket through MTV (they're one of his clients) to take a guest to the Movie Awards show. With just several hours to plan my outfit, I wanted to come across as fresh, young and vibrant. Though we were able to snap a few shots before the show, the massive security guards did very detailed searches, therefore the idea of whipping out the camera that we had hidden in my boyfriend's suit jacket was a no-go. After scouring my entire wardrobe three times, I decided on this bright Trina Turk dress that I absolutely adore. It's such a great medley of citrus-inspired colors in a classic halter style that's dressy enough for an event. While I'm not usually one to coordinate bags and purses, I figured it would be a nice way to temper down all of the other bright hues with these gold, Ralph Lauren strappy sandals that I bought to match my vintage clutch. I had desperately wanted to wear one of my many pairs of gladiator wedges, but eventually decided that they might come across as too clunky. Clearly, this was the wrong move, as my three favorite looks of the night contradicted this beautifully as shown here on Whitney Port, Odette Yustman and Emma Stone. The night ended up being a blast, and I loved seeing all of the work that took place behind-the-scenes, if you will, between all of the transitions between awards. Here were my 5 favorite moments: 5. Watching the Pussy Cat Dolls perform. Call me evil, but there was just a glimmer of hope that when they descended the massive staircases, that one of them might trip. 4. Seeing all of the celebrities and being able to actually gauge their height. Charlize Theron? Very tall. Ellen Page? Ridiculously short (but her converse certainly didn't help the cause). 3. Hearing Coldplay live. Chris Martin is such a dynamic performer and all of the red, white and blue petals that fell from the ceiling were truly magical. I only wish that he could have removed that one red petal that decided to plant itself on his face for the duration of the song. 2. Johnny Depp winning. Twice. Plus, he was even there to accept his awards! 1. The opening dance sequence with Chris Brown and Mike Myers. I haven't had the chance to see how it looked on the televised version, but it was so well executed and absolutely hilarious.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.