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Mad for Plaid

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After reading Dapper Kid's




fashion at the Teen Choice Awards, I was particularly inspired by his mention of Elijah Kelley's crisp, checkered shirt. I've been tempted by this trend for quite some time, and even tried stealing one of my boyfriend's flea market finds (see above), only to conclude that I looked like a farmer. Unfortunately, I think I lack that certain edge that comes in the form of excessive chains, bracelets piled up to my elbow and an attitude that smells like teen spirit. But since I so desperately want to incorporate plaid into my wardrobe, I've found several alternatives to the baggy button-down.


Forever 21's

Autumn Plaid Scarf

comes in a variety of classic color combinations, but I'm partial to the Charlie Brown-inspired duo of yellow and black. With the fringe detail, it adds just a touch of prep school flavor that will look great with kohl-rimmed eyes.



plaid popover dress

has me drooling. It's got the cutest detailing with its rolled up sleeves that elicit that same feel as a loose shirt, but with a nipped waist, it eliminates that whole homeless vibe.



plaid high-waisted skirt

from Tibi takes the whole grunge look and flips it on its head. With the sweetest colors and cute little pockets, I would totally play up the whole I-just-got-done-taking-the-pie-out-of-the-oven in little espadrilles and a simple white tank.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.