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Leaving on a Jet Plane

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Vacations are always welcomed, but the act of traveling from one place to another is never fun. Though I detest airports, consistently over pack, and think that planes are the equivalent of arctic penitentiaries, I've acquired several techniques that make being away from home that much more comfortable. What not to wear: Though I realize my aversion to the Juicy Couture tracksuit is relatively extreme [see above for Elmo comparison], there do exist stylish alternatives that are equally as comfortable. Additionally, convenience should always be top of mind. Since we're required to now pat around in bare feet while heading through security, socks are a must. Any excess buckles, ties or zippers should also be avoided at all costs. What to wear: Since the temperatures in airports and air crafts are never predictable, layering is a must. My go-to outfit when traveling consists of stretchy leggings, a cotton top, a wrap sweater and athletic ballet flats. DKNY's Cozy Cardigan speaks for itself. The drapey fabric and asymmetrical hem allow for multiple styling options, including a make-shift (and sanitary) blanket on the plane, all while appearing casual and chic. After reading in a recent magazine that Vera Wang lives in Danskin's Supplex Ankle Leggings, I was immediately sold. Made of their Supplex fabric that doesn't fade or pill, I like how they're full-length since I think the mid-calf ones are past their prime. Since running shoes are bulky and a hassle to un-tie, ballet flats are a perfect choice. Stella McCartney's Thala are ideal for walking long distances and can even be folded up to easily fit into a crowded suitcase. What are your travel musts?


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.