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It's in the Bag

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Regardless of my best efforts, the inside of my purse always ends up looking like an explosion of crumpled receipts and bits of food. Since my love for my

Foley + Corinna bag

knows no limits, I've decided it's time to get my act together in order to prolong its life. Here are my nine necessities when it comes to keeping myself organized in a fashionable manner. -

Skull Key Ring

: Alexander McQueen, $225. Yes, this is absurdly expensive for a keychain, but I adore the woven leather ball and skull with gunmetal eyes. -

Aviator-Style Sunglasses

: Marc by Marc Jacobs, $98. A great twist on a classic shape with a minimal logo. -

Envelope Coin Purse

: Forever 21, $3.80. I currently stash my business cards into any crevice I can find in my bag. From now on, this little envelope will be their adorable home that will eliminate any future wrinkling. -

Car Key Pouch

: Vivre, $135. It's unheard of in Los Angeles to find a parking space that doesn't require a crazy valet fee or metered parking. This will help keep all my loose change and single bills in one convenient place. -

Tiffany T-clip Ballpoint Pen

: Tiffany & Co., $145. For some odd reason, people always ask me if I have a pen they can borrow. Thanks to my generous neighbors who gave me this pen for my college graduation, I've appeared stylishly professional ever since. -


: At-A-Glance, $5.99. I've been using this planner for years and nothing beats its compact size and incredible layout. -

Mirror Duo

: Chanel, $38.40. If you're going to touch up your make-up in public, you might as well flash this infamous logo. -

Small Weave Cosmetic Bag

: Kitson, $28. This multi-purpose pouch can hold make-up essentials (to me, that's concealer, lip gloss and eye liner) and feminine products. I'm so over stuffing a tampon up my sleeve while I jet to the bathroom. -

Peppermint Swirl Gum

: Trident Splash, $1. I understand that everyone has their own favorite gum. I swear though, once you try this one, it will be yours too. What are your bag essentials?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.