Industrial Revolution



Despite my somewhat predictable inclination to gravitate towards skirts and dresses, even I crave something different now and again. The androgynous look of industrial-inspired clothing has always tempted me, but only recently have I begun to come across pieces that still have a glimmer of delicacy. I've included some of my favorites above that are still neutral enough so that I can wear pale pink lip gloss and a jeweled headband and not feel as though I'm in costume.

Gingham Flannel Shirt

, $19.50 - Forever 21

Sabina Convertible Leather Bag

, $245 - Urban Outfitters

Buck Boot

, $149.95 - Steve Madden

H81 Vintage Striped Pant

, $29.90 - Forever 21

Clubmaster Sunglasses

, $130 - Ray-Ban

Cable Knit Peak Hat

, $24 - TopShop

Angelina Crochet Glove

, $14.50 -dELiAs

Women's Long Quilted Coat

, $44.75 - Old Navy