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In the Nude


Based on the majority of your suggestions on my last post, the consensus is that nude heels would be the best complement to such a flashy dress. I happen to agree, and though I wish I could follow the advice of some of my readers who picked patent leather, I would make up for my safe choice with an interesting shape instead. Although Rachel Bilson wore these heels over a month ago, they've been on my mind ever since. They're the epitome of what I look for in a shoe, with delicate detailing around the toe, and a looser fit around the ankle, making her legs look miles long. I can see why people compared them to "paper bags," which is why Steve Madden's


peep toe booties are a slightly less outlandish choice. The slouchy material and nude coloring still elicits the same vibe, but the closer fit around the ankles ensure that when I wear them out, it won't look like I'm "brown-bagging" it.


Products in this post may contain affiliate links